Saturday, May 10, 2008

UFO Healing - An Email I Received

Here's an email I got yesterday. I thought it was pretty interesting, so I'm posting it here without any identifying info about the writer.

Question: Have you ever contacted a ufo for a physical healing face to face....
is this possible???

Answer: I've never been in contact with a UFO. However, there are some books out there. Look for books channeled by Mary Margaret Moore who channels Bartholomew who says he is an extra terrestrial being and for Bashar who is channeled by Darryl Anka. Have a look at my site at Talking to Spirit and check out their links:

The healing from other beings is possible from what I've heard, though I've not had any experience with it and I've never actually seen an alien face to face (one of the guides just made a rude joke about people I work with...LOL), but I'm thinking the best results will probably come from your own moves. Live with moderation. Remember to laugh and have fun. Try to handle your stress. Pay attention to your diet. Remember to exercise. Keep being interested in things even as you age. When you do get sick immediately visit your doctor. I live in the west and am most attuned with western medical practices. Those are the places I would go to first, but I would not discount healing meditations and emotional and psychological healing work. All of it together will help I think. Miracles? They are hard to come by I think. Instant ones anyway. And, most important are your own life lessons. It could very well be that the best way for a person to learn XYZ is for them to experience a horribly debilitating illness. Some of this you can control. Some of this you can moderate, but some of it is written in the stars.

Here's a funny story for you. In the early days when I'd just started channeling I asked my guide Seth if he'd ever seen an alien. He didn't say anything for a few seconds and then he said to me, "Who do you think you've been talking to all this time?" I was really shocked and then I got to thinking about it. Seth was not of this earth so he would qualify as being an extra terrestrial being.

Funny what happens when you change your point of view.

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Saint Oran Speaks said...

Thanks for this post. I'm happy to have found your blog!

It's funny, the word "alien" has somehow fallen out of my vocabulary-- I think because the lines between alien, non-alien, and entity are completely blurred, in my experience.

But I will say this, I have definitely seen a non-governmental space thing over the skies of Albuquerque, NM where I once lived.

And, I remember, some time ago, in the 90s, I was visiting the observatory on the University of New Mexico campus with my Mom-- there was some heavenly body that was moving fairly close to earth or something, so we went down there to take a closer look.

The observatory was packed-- we were waiting in a queue like it was a concert or something. I looked at a woman in line-- perfectly average, regular looking person. Thought nothing of her. I looked over at her again-- she was. . . well. . . reptilian. That's all I can say-- the human covering was a ruse.

I was transfixed for a minute or so, but it seemed a lot longer. No words were spoken, I wasn't transported, but I do feel that I was visited. The absurdity of an upright reptile waiting in line for anythingwas what really got me. The thought I heard in my head was something like you're all looking up there, but we're already HERE. And just as quickly, the woman was there again, like nothing had happened.

I've never told anyone but my mother about this, because the moment was just too strange.

But something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is, that our collective understanding of "alien" has changed. There was a time when Western media was flooded with alien this and alien that-- aliens were practically a breakfast cereal. Not so much anymore. Now it's all about ghosts, spirits, dreams, hauntings-- this apparent shift is very interesting to me.

Have we all simply integrated the concept of other life forms on other planets? Are extraterrestrials old hat?

Sorry for the long post-- but the question really got me going!