Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Wild Orchids" by Jude Deveraux

For the last year or so I’ve been writing reviews about the books I’ve been reading. I just started a new one about an hour ago. Normally, I wouldn’t write about the book until after I was finished and would proceed onto the review, except, this is a good one. I have this gauge I use for books. If I cry a lot it’s a good book. I call them three hanky tearjerkers. And, if a book rates as a three hanky tearjerker I really, really liked it.

I’m on page 29. I think I started crying about page 5. It’s an on again, off again sort of crying, but I have to tell you, this is one really good book. “Wild Orchids” by Jude Deveraux. I don’t even have to wait for the end to recommend it. If you don’t have anything better to do go on down to the library and check it out. And, if you can’t find that particular one anything by Jude Deveraux will do. She’s written a bunch of them and I’m betting that her other stories are just as good as this one.

Post Note: I finished the book. It's fabulous. I wrote the review at my other blog.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Computers and Dead People

Sometimes I think computers are more complicated than talking to dead people. Actually, I think I must have some basic operating rules that apply to both how I approach computers and how I also relate to dead people.

It’s just a few rules.

Like with computers if it’s buzzing too loudly it needs to either be turned off or taken in for repair. Also, if it’s smoking turn it off. If it is being too slow on the internet then maybe your cache needs to be cleaned out. And, if your computer is powerful enough you can have several different programs on at the same time.

In regard to dead people you could have similar rules. I never went to school to learn these things, but then I never went to school to learn about computers either. It’s just what I’ve picked up along the way as I've talked to the dearly departed.

Folks who have died aren’t unhappy. They’re perfectly okay with having passed over. Heaven is a nice place. And, if you think they’ve done bad things in this life either to you personally or to somebody else rest assured that they will get what’s coming to them. It isn’t exactly Hell, but more along the lines of they get to experience what they handed out. They see and feel exactly how their actions affected everybody; man, animal, vegetable and mineral. There are cosmic rules of balance that ensure what goes around comes around and somebody who acted badly in this life will be real sorry next lifetime around. It’s actually a good incentive to shape up and live a good life this time around.

The other side isn’t exactly floating around on clouds and strumming harps. It’s interesting from what they tell me. Different levels according to where you’re at. Could be once you’ve passed over you’ll get another job. Might be more associated with the life that you just left too. Could be you help others who’ve just passed over. Some days it’s like Grand Central Station they tell me.

And, a final rule is that your loved ones who’ve passed over are aware of you. It’s not like they are at your elbow all the time, though it does happen, especially with mothers and kids, but when you think of them they hear those thoughts. Can’t do much about it, especially since you aren’t tuned in to hearing them, but you don’t need a medium or somebody else to tell your mother or husband who has passed over that you love them and you miss them lots. You can do that. Anytime, anywhere and however many times you want to. Just a passing thought and they heard you just fine.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, this is a bit of an experiment. I've created a new Amazon store. I'm looking to see if anybody has a crystal skull up for sale too. I've got a little one on my desk, but hey, the cat could take a liking to it and I'd never see it again. The one I want should be larger. And, as with any tool of diviniation I'd want to imprint it with my own vibrations. Except, one of the guides just said a Magic 8 ball would do just as well for me. Probably cheaper too. And, I've already got a bunch of them.

Saturday Morning

I find it interesting that whenever I can’t find anything to talk about something comes anyway. Could be because I am a sage in the Michael teachings. Could be because I’ve got a big mouth. But, in any case, the words mostly flow. Right now, though, I’m having trouble coming up with something for my monthly newsletter. Maybe I’m trying too hard. Maybe I just need to ease up a bit and focus in on some subjects that I think might be interesting to talk about. Give me a word or a topic and I can go to town on it.

Okay, with that in mind maybe I can start with te word apple. It’s typically the first word used to represent the first word of the alphabet. You could have other words that start with the letter, "A" and be the keyword picture holder. Like aardvark. Or Antithesis. Actually, I don’t know how to picture antithesis. What else would be a noun that would start with a? Arthritis. That’s a condition.

Okay, that’s enough paddling about. Now, I want to go somewhere. Where would somebody go who is interested in spirituality or in things of a psychic nature?

Well, I can remember before I stepped over the line and became obviously psychic; the things that worried me in those days.


I used to think God didn’t care. I talked to him a lot, but it was sort of like shouting down into a well or hollering off the edge of a cliff. Nothing happened and although I might have vented my spleen I didn’t feel that much better for long. There was this unending ache in my heart about God in those days. It lasted for years from the time I was a little girl until the time when I finally stepped over the edge and opened to my psychic nature. I just had this emptiness inside, this yearning that I just couldn’t put a finger on to explain exactly what it was but that would not go away.

I had always thought in terms of God being masculine. Also, old. With a beard. God without a beard just didn’t cut it. I still refer to God in the masculine and still sort of think of Him so, but there’s a part of me that has come away from that way of thinking to think of God in a different way. Gone is the little girl anxiousness that if I don’t do right retribution will be swift or sure. So, I’m not so worried these days.

Now, instead of the yearning for something when I pray, the wanting for God to fix something for me about whatever is wrong, nowadays I try to sink into bliss. The thought I hold in my mind is that I just want to hang out in that place where peace is, where bliss is, where joy is, where love is. It doesn’t always happen to me, but it’s what I set out to do. I don’t get upset if I don’t quite get there. I know when it laps around at my edges. Usually, my eyes fill with tears and my heart seems to get bigger. Something inside gets bigger and it isn’t my stomach. I feel it up higher in my chest. I figure it must be my heart.

And, if that’s the only thing that will ever happen to me again as far as developing along the lines of spirituality and my psychic nature I’ll be happy. I’ve got a place to go to eventually. It’s the place I came from once upon a time. It’s a place I’ve gone to many times before. It’s the place I’ll go to when I’m done here.

Friday, June 13, 2008


I can’t believe that a person would spend their life going about at the same pace. Just as in a day of 24 hours some of the time you spend during that time is spent asleep and dreaming, the rest of it is spent at your job whatever that might be work or school and the remainder doing what you like. For some people their days never seem to end and these are the ones with jobs where they are always on call like doctors and nurses or firefighters or mothers. But, that is just one day. For some it is busy for much of the time, for others not so busy. But, for all of us somewhere in that day there is time to somehow call your own. This is my time. I claim it now and will allow nothing to intrude. Let’s put it another way. I hope nothing intrudes.

I want to be more fully here right now as I write. I want to immerse myself even more than I normally do. Supposing that when I normally write I write as I would swim upon the surface of the water. Now, I want to dive. I want to open my eyes under the water. I want to writhe and twist and be weightless for just a moment in time. I want to be as I would be out of this body in another time and place as I would be with my soul.

How can I even be apart from my soul? I am my soul and my soul is me, yet I do not understand my soul. I glimpse it upon occasion and stand scratching my head at the imponderableness of it. It is as a mother to my 3 year old self. I imagine that it is calm. I imagine that it knows what is best for me. I imagine that it knows what is in store for me in a general sort of a way. I am blithely happy with my childhood and my world extends about 5 feet around me.

My world. I am happy in my world. And, then comes outside of my world where I see for the first time playmates and school and teachers and those who are not my family. I do not understand them. They frighten me. And, yet my soul knows what I will encounter in a general sort of way. And, is not afraid.

My soul that knows for a certainty that I survived and thrived 2,582 years ago. My soul that knows for a certainty that I have loved many times, many husbands, many wives, many children. My soul that knows for a certainty that I have been kind and generous and loving. My soul that knows for a certainty that I have killed and murdered and been a horrible shit. My soul that doesn’t care about any of that. My soul that knows I am busy right now with this life. My soul who knows I am a blithering idiot and loves me even for it.

And, sometimes I dip below the surface.

Where I Might Speak Out

One of the things I love about surfing are the interesting things people do with their blogs. This morning at Blog Explosion I noticed Cindy Swanson had put a really short audio intro to her site, Notes in the Key of Life, up near the top of her blog. It was only 30 seconds long, but I was absolutely entranced.

So, I’m thinking about doing something similar. In fact, yesterday I was looking at the statistics for my sites and saw that 4 people had listened recently to the one and only podcast I’d made for my Learn to Channel blog a year ago. That’s my own personal rule. One thing and I’m interested. Two instances of the universe pointing something out and I’m ready to do something about it. So, tomorrow I’ll spend some time cranking up the recorder and try to figure out something to say about all of this.

I remember back when I was having trouble with the editing part of the podcasts. I wanted to get some nice, soft background music going on that didn’t interfere with what I was saying. But, getting my voice to the proper volume was a problem and that’s where the project stalled. So, maybe this time I’ll do a bit better at it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun Helping a Friend

So, I'm going to be helping a girlfriend bone up on some of the office skills she has but hasn't used in mandy years, come up to snuff on computer stuff and generally horse around on the internet and the computer. I think it will be fun. We'll have to get her an internet name. Will study on it and see what happens. Best that it comes from her, though, better that way. Like Dennis is DeeDude. And, like I'm Lady Skye Fyre. Will need to look over tutorials and things that are already available and see what might be useful. I know that there are tons of them at Microsoft.

Am also trying something out here with an ad from Amazon. It's supposed to showcase whatever is appropriate for this website.


Friday, June 06, 2008

Before I Got Up

As I lay in bed this morning even before the sun had started coming up I began to think of people who’ve asked me to pray for them and who’ve asked for healing energy. I thought of one woman in particular who sent me two photographs of her little girl. Such a tiny little girl. I wondered what was wrong with her and if she’s doing any better. And, I began to think of the energy she asked me to send. I use the pretend method and hope that the person on the receiving end can use whatever comes their way.

I energize the Universe around me around them
I ask that my guides help
I ask for my thoughts to focus upon the task at hand
I ask for courage to do this
I ask for healing grace for myself that I can do this
The palms of my hands are before me, vertical with my body facing away toward the person, the people who have asked for healing energy
They grow hot
I have no idea whether the person in question was able to use the energy, to feel the energy, to see that the energy I have asked to be sent to them or whether any of this makes one blamed bit of difference.

I only do as they ask
These are my prayers.
And, for specific requests, for those I know are dealing with issues, for those who would like to ask for help and don’t know how or that they can, for all these I ask God’s grace and love in my prayers to you.