Friday, June 06, 2008

Before I Got Up

As I lay in bed this morning even before the sun had started coming up I began to think of people who’ve asked me to pray for them and who’ve asked for healing energy. I thought of one woman in particular who sent me two photographs of her little girl. Such a tiny little girl. I wondered what was wrong with her and if she’s doing any better. And, I began to think of the energy she asked me to send. I use the pretend method and hope that the person on the receiving end can use whatever comes their way.

I energize the Universe around me around them
I ask that my guides help
I ask for my thoughts to focus upon the task at hand
I ask for courage to do this
I ask for healing grace for myself that I can do this
The palms of my hands are before me, vertical with my body facing away toward the person, the people who have asked for healing energy
They grow hot
I have no idea whether the person in question was able to use the energy, to feel the energy, to see that the energy I have asked to be sent to them or whether any of this makes one blamed bit of difference.

I only do as they ask
These are my prayers.
And, for specific requests, for those I know are dealing with issues, for those who would like to ask for help and don’t know how or that they can, for all these I ask God’s grace and love in my prayers to you.

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Donna said...

This was a Beautiful post sweetheart....hughugs