Sunday, June 15, 2008

Computers and Dead People

Sometimes I think computers are more complicated than talking to dead people. Actually, I think I must have some basic operating rules that apply to both how I approach computers and how I also relate to dead people.

It’s just a few rules.

Like with computers if it’s buzzing too loudly it needs to either be turned off or taken in for repair. Also, if it’s smoking turn it off. If it is being too slow on the internet then maybe your cache needs to be cleaned out. And, if your computer is powerful enough you can have several different programs on at the same time.

In regard to dead people you could have similar rules. I never went to school to learn these things, but then I never went to school to learn about computers either. It’s just what I’ve picked up along the way as I've talked to the dearly departed.

Folks who have died aren’t unhappy. They’re perfectly okay with having passed over. Heaven is a nice place. And, if you think they’ve done bad things in this life either to you personally or to somebody else rest assured that they will get what’s coming to them. It isn’t exactly Hell, but more along the lines of they get to experience what they handed out. They see and feel exactly how their actions affected everybody; man, animal, vegetable and mineral. There are cosmic rules of balance that ensure what goes around comes around and somebody who acted badly in this life will be real sorry next lifetime around. It’s actually a good incentive to shape up and live a good life this time around.

The other side isn’t exactly floating around on clouds and strumming harps. It’s interesting from what they tell me. Different levels according to where you’re at. Could be once you’ve passed over you’ll get another job. Might be more associated with the life that you just left too. Could be you help others who’ve just passed over. Some days it’s like Grand Central Station they tell me.

And, a final rule is that your loved ones who’ve passed over are aware of you. It’s not like they are at your elbow all the time, though it does happen, especially with mothers and kids, but when you think of them they hear those thoughts. Can’t do much about it, especially since you aren’t tuned in to hearing them, but you don’t need a medium or somebody else to tell your mother or husband who has passed over that you love them and you miss them lots. You can do that. Anytime, anywhere and however many times you want to. Just a passing thought and they heard you just fine.


Donna said...

What a PERFECT post....Lots of Love to you sweetheart!!..needed this!! Tell Deedude Happy Fathers day!!!hughugs

paula2761 said...

This is so comforting to know. Thank you.