Friday, August 29, 2008

Where I Do a Reading - About Getting Married

I got an email the other day. The person said they were curious and needed to know a quick answer to their questions. They wanted to know when and who they were going to marry.

Well, my first inclination was just not to respond to the email. I may be a psychic, but I’m not that kind of psychic. I don’t do fortunetelling. I’m a channel. I trance out and the Guides talk about stuff. They generally don’t consider those types of questions to be worthy of any sort of answer, at least, that’s what they’ve done with me for years. So, based on what we’ve done in the past with those same sorts of questions I figured we’d get the same sort of thing going with this one and I didn’t even want to try. Seth told me once he wasn’t a nickelodeon I could feed with nickels to get answers out of him. I stood, the chela, chastened, but more knowing than I had been 3 minutes before he said that.

That, and I really wouldn’t trust my own channeling on issues like that.

However, I’ve been thinking about it. And, figured I’d give it a go anyway.

I will email the person, but I will also be posting this. First, because I just know in my bones that it’s going to be interesting. I also know it’s not what this person will be expecting to hear and certainly not something they’d want to pay $75 for which is what I used to charge for readings before I stopped doing them.

So, here we go. What follows are the Guides talking:

In this, we would take the time to say we are pleased to be here. We are also equally pleased to answer what you, Pauline, seem to consider an annoying sort of question. You must remember that people the world over would ask the same question and with as much feeling as your reader. They took the time to ask you a question. We, then, with your permission, will take the time to answer it.

This is like watching a pot boil. The longer you watch it, the more intently you concentrate the focus of your attention on the steam that is just now beginning to curl up from the pot, the longer it is going to take to boil. Our advice would be to stop worrying about it.

Marriage is a gamble even in the most informed circumstances. The best bet you have to make a long, lasting and fulfilling contract with another person (and this goes whether you are heterosexual or homosexual) is to love yourself first. Be clear in the things you like and dislike. This does not mean that you become an opinionated and boorish sort of individual. This means that you are clear in your mind and heart. You are not immaturely wishing for Clark Kent to swoop into your living room, hook an arm about your waist and carry you off into the wild blue yonder.

Do fulfilling things for yourself; interests that you enjoy. Get involved with things that you like to do. If you like crowds and are a gregarious sort of person then join up with groups of people who share like interests.

Reach out to other people. It is difficult to meet and get to know people if you hide away in your apartment or house most of the time.

Do not put yourself into dangerous positions and engage in random drinking sessions or drug use. Do not engage in promiscuous behavior. And, if you are doing these things now smarten up and figure out why you are doing them. This is where being a mature individual steps into the picture and where you do some emotional healing and begin to sort things out. Honor yourself, your mind, your heart and your body.

The more clear you are psychologically, the more mature you are, the more grown up you are the greater is the likelihood of you being able to recognize a person you would be happy with for the rest of your life.

That person will not be the most beautiful or handsome person in the world. That person is not going to have the best manners you’ve ever seen. There will be something about that person that reaches out to you and snags onto a piece of your heart. If you are in a good place as far as your own psychological and emotional development goes the likelihood of you being able to commit to a long term relationship with another person is greater.

What also certainly comes into play here is that you become less selfish. If you think that your future significant other is there to serve your interests for the rest of your life you will likely be looking at 3 divorces before you are 54 years old. If you can open your heart to another, take what you need, give what they want, let the little irritating things of life fly by quickly, learn from everything around you all the time you’ve got a good chance for an interesting and happy life.

People may speak of falling in love a great deal. That is only the first step. You fall into infatuation. Love is a conscious act that is practiced over and over again. You might be a shit for a few years while you are trying to cope with painful and frightening health issues, but your husband is understanding and is there to support you through the entire journey of your life together. Love stretches. Love never stops. You can be mad at your significant other but love never stops.

And, please remember that as you continue to grow and mature through the course of your life so too will your significant other. Love is being willing to love the other person 25 years down the road when neither one of you is the same person you were when you first met.

But, you can’t watch the pot boil.

So, our advice would be to get your own house in order. Prepare yourself for the future by growing up. Don’t stop your life waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful. They will be there for you when you are ready for them.

Our blessings, and we hope that this information will have helped both the reader who wrote and to anyone else who hasn’t had a date in 3 years.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze

Inevitably, it happens that you will come across a book that has the ability to change your life.

“Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze” by Thayer White is one of those books.

Thayer, who I have had the honor of calling friend for close to 15 years, is a psychotherapist and a pioneer in the field of New Age spirituality. If you are to invest time, money and attention in each and every one of the New Age schools of thought that have sprung up and continue to spring up you would be, quite understandably, confused and feeling lost in this maze. Thayer has zeroed in on a path that can help you make intelligent decisions about where to invest your attention to the maximum benefit in the development of your own spirituality.

ASHEVILLE NC, August 4, 2008. “The Law of Attraction usually fails folks,” claims New Age author and therapist, Thayer White, in his new book, Finding Your Soul in the Spirituality Maze. “If the Law worked at all well, every city block in Europe and North America would have a few new millionaires by now. There would be Law of Attraction support clinics everywhere curing high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and genetic disorders. The obese would be shrinking.” Available with book purchase is a free bonus audio of Thayer describing why the Law of Attraction usually fails folks. Find out more about the book and special free bonuses.

There is a school of thought that states if you don’t learn a lesson completely in this lifetime you can always spend time with it in your next lifetime. In some instances a person might be inclined to make more inroads and progress on whatever difficult life-lesson they’ve got facing them this time around rather than be faced with more of the same in their next incarnation.

But, the quest for your own spirituality is one of those life-lessons that happens to each and every person in every one of their lifetimes. This is one of the most important lessons and the more progress you make with it the richer your life might be in every one of your incarnations. This is an investment you can make for yourself that has dividends that will continue to pay off, life after life after life.

Here is an excerpt from, "Finding Your Soul in the Spiritualizy Maze - The Path of Non-Attachment"

The pattern of fewer and fewer attachments I call the path of non-attachment. This happens to a more-or-less degree with old souls, with those who are getting old physically, with those who find enlightenment and with those pursuing deeper psychological paths. Folks on the path of non-attachment are moving beyond many of the cyclic patterns, finding themselves dropping many attachments and not replacing them.

It is useful to understand the naturalness of this process. If you are aware of an attachment, it does no good to try to drop it. If you learn the lesson(s) involved with that attachment, then it will drop of its own accord with no effort on your part. What can be beneficial is to become aware of the attachment, to look for the lesson(s) involved and to try to learn the lesson(s). If this is an old pattern of attachment for you, then it may help to ask yourself if you really need that attachment.

For example, assume that your car history has been jalopy, subcompact, mid-size and Cadillac. It may be helpful to ask yourself if you really want the Ferrari about which you have been fantasizing. If there is importance or excitement associated with the Ferrari, then you still are attached and may need to get it. If you are able to eliminate the importance and the excitement by self-change or therapy, then you will have no desire for a Ferrari.”

Visit Thayer White's website at for more information.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Captain Jack

We had to put one of our cats to sleep yesterday. Captain Jack was very sick. He was closest to my husband though he warmed up to me in his last few weeks. When he first came to us some six months ago he was totally feral. I’d never had a cat in the house who refused to have anything to do with us and yet wanted us to take care of him.

At meal times we’d put 6 bowls out. Captain Jack got the most because he was the skinniest. Food went right through him. He just couldn’t get any nutrition from what he ate. But, he’d chow down on his food and then systematically push the other cats away from their bowls. They never said a word. They’d just stand aside and let Jack have whatever he wanted to eat. I always thought they knew he was a special needs cat and allowed him those special privileges.

Towards the end he slept a lot. He used to sleep in late every morning. The other cats would be up and walking around but Jack still lay curled up in DeeDude’s chair or on his computer desk.

We bought the expensive food for Jack. A can here and there extra just because.

God, he was so skinny. I picked him up off of the counter the other day and I almost cried at how skinny he was. I could feel every rib. He was so fragile at that point.

We’d told each other that the first time he allowed us to touch him we’d take him to the vets. And, so yesterday DeeDude took him. And, didn’t bring him back. The vet said he weighed less than half of what he should. She said he had a mass on his intestines and that’s why he wasn’t holding onto anything he ate. He only had one working kidney. She said she thought he was in terrible pain all the time.

We did the merciful thing. DeeDude held him while Jack went to sleep for the last time. I’m still crying. I know he’s okay now. I’m a psychic. But, it still hurts. Bye Jack.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at the Street Fair

DeeDude and I wandered down to the Laurel Village Street Fair this afternoon. He spent some time at the Laurel Book Store Booth talking to customers and signing his two books, Oakland's Laurel District and Moutain View Cemetary. I visited all the vendors.

I stopped by a booth for International Sanctuary that had pretty jewelry on display. I bought these earrings. The card the earrings came on were signed by the person who made them. She is a rescued sex trade worker.

Information on the back of the card that held my earrings: "This item was hand-crafted in India by a survivor of sexual exploitation. No longer a victim enslaved in the flesh trade, she is now able to go to school, receive vocational training and live in freedom. Your purchase of this product is helping her to build a brighter future. International Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of human trafficking with social-enterprising opportunities."

I also bought two cat pencils. Figured they might prove inspirational to either us or the cats or, perhaps to both.

I picked up a jar of shea nut butter. They were giving out samples and it felt wonderful on my hands. This is called Ah Shayh and is also available online.
And, although I didn't purchase anything from the Senses and Scents booth I did have a sniff of some very nice candles. Promised them a link online, so here it is. They are local in Oakland, though they are only selling online at at fairs.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Chair Ahoy

Well, that wasn’t the brightest thing I’ve done lately. I tried to repair my chair. The hydraulic lift went out on it some time ago and I’ve been putting up with the ding donged thing hoiking up fast and falling like a freight elevator other times. Found the manufacturer (since Office Depot no longer carries the chair and doesn’t want to honor their lifetime warranty since I’ve long since misplaced the receipt) and they assured me that for $17.50 I could purchase a new hydraulic. They were a bit vague about putting it on but assured me it wasn’t that difficult.

I should have tapped into my awesome psychic powers at that point and avoided what happened tonight.

So, the hydraulic came today. No instructions. I looked online and found other people in similar positions and printed out some of the discussions about fixing your own chair.

I did get the base off with a few well placed hammer hits. I was unable to withdraw the broken hydraulic. I pounded on that sucker with mighty effort. Tried chisels and screwdrivers and sweated a lot. Even took the hydraulic apart. (Note: Wear safety glasses.) Nothing worked.

Stood there, arms akimbo, having a hot flash considering the mess on my study floor. Put it back together again.

Except, now this piece is poking out from the hydraulic and won’t go back in again. So, I’m sort of teetering on what before was a pretty stable office chair. Can’t wheel it around anymore since the piece poking out is longer than the base. Wonderful.

Okay….took time out for a popsicle and to think about it. Took it apart again and found an extra piece inside the cover….put that on and now it’s back together again good as new...sort of.

What I'll do is take the new hydraulic lift to work and see if any of our guys can fix one of the chairs in the office with a similar problem. They actually did fix one some time ago. I remember them telling me it was a horrible job. I can see why.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Duma Key" by Stephen King

It’s funny, but the best teachers you get in life probably aren’t even aware that they’re helping you out. Or, maybe that old saying really is true that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Except, maybe the teacher is totally unaware of what they’re doing.

Case in point: I just finished reading Stephen King’s new book, “Duma Key". But, already something is happening. For instance, in the book our hero, Edgar Freemantal, was once upon a time a very successful building contractor and is now a sad and mangled man. He caught the roughside of a large piece of construction machinery with no back up meep meeps going on to warn him that it was coming his way. Mashed him up pretty bad. Sort of rewired his head too. But, now his missing right arm itches like the dickens at times. Sometimes it burns. A hint of what the phantom limb experience might be that we’ve all heard about before. Except, here starts the Stephen King magic and where the best lies, loosely couched in truth, are my own personal lessons on how to be a better psychic.

What first thrilled me to see was the bit about how in the beginning of the burning, itching of the missing limb what relieved it was a stint at drawing and painting. Our hero comes away from these artistic rushes of madness absolutely ravenous. Same thing happened to me early on in my channeling days after a session. You couldn’t stop me I was that hungry. Now, I realize it was my own eating disorder rearing its head and providing me with a bit of comfort after a particularly strenuous and stressful experience. I remember hearing of other channels who spoke of this odd phenomena and routinely advised others who were channeling to have a glass of orange juice after a channeling session. There were also those who tried to explain away their own obese bodies on the same thing. I am not buying into any of that, but do remember there were times when I felt that ravenous hunger. Did I think it was a result of having the intense psychic energies flowing through my, as yet not accustomed to psychic energy body? Well, I did in the beginning, but I don’t now. Could have been any sort of new to me energy that would result in the ravenous raids on whatever wasn’t tied down in the kitchen. However, King picked up on it and I stand here pretty impressed that he did. It was just a small thing, but it was truth. I've just written a review of the book on my book blog.

I’m a fan of Stephen King, though I didn’t come to be until I was an adult. Up until then I had shied away from anything Stephen King had written or shown upon the silver screen. King? No way Jose. What happened so many years ago was I read, “The Stand”. Within the year I’d read mostly every novel he’d written up to that point. I’d also become psychic. I tell people I over-dosed on Stephen King books. But, that nice and tidy side effect aside, the man can write. I stand in awe of how he is able to reach out, grasp the points I would have normally missed, tossed it all around and come up with a good book.

He did it again.