Friday, August 15, 2008

Captain Jack

We had to put one of our cats to sleep yesterday. Captain Jack was very sick. He was closest to my husband though he warmed up to me in his last few weeks. When he first came to us some six months ago he was totally feral. I’d never had a cat in the house who refused to have anything to do with us and yet wanted us to take care of him.

At meal times we’d put 6 bowls out. Captain Jack got the most because he was the skinniest. Food went right through him. He just couldn’t get any nutrition from what he ate. But, he’d chow down on his food and then systematically push the other cats away from their bowls. They never said a word. They’d just stand aside and let Jack have whatever he wanted to eat. I always thought they knew he was a special needs cat and allowed him those special privileges.

Towards the end he slept a lot. He used to sleep in late every morning. The other cats would be up and walking around but Jack still lay curled up in DeeDude’s chair or on his computer desk.

We bought the expensive food for Jack. A can here and there extra just because.

God, he was so skinny. I picked him up off of the counter the other day and I almost cried at how skinny he was. I could feel every rib. He was so fragile at that point.

We’d told each other that the first time he allowed us to touch him we’d take him to the vets. And, so yesterday DeeDude took him. And, didn’t bring him back. The vet said he weighed less than half of what he should. She said he had a mass on his intestines and that’s why he wasn’t holding onto anything he ate. He only had one working kidney. She said she thought he was in terrible pain all the time.

We did the merciful thing. DeeDude held him while Jack went to sleep for the last time. I’m still crying. I know he’s okay now. I’m a psychic. But, it still hurts. Bye Jack.


Victor Tabbycat said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Captain Jack looks a bit like Victor and we lost a cat, Bonnie, quite suddenly in May. She was only 11, but ravenous and losing weight despite eating too much. Loving him these months and easing his pain was the kindest act of love. Victor sends comforting purrs for you and DeeDude.

I found your post through Entrecard, BTW. I know a blogging cat named Captain Jack, a purrageous pirate.

Anonymous said...

Please accept our condolences. He was a beautiful cat!

abhay and krista

MoonDog said...

awwww. its so hard to lose a pet. So sorry.

Anonymous said...

May you, DeeDude and especially Jack be blessed a million times. My feral of 11 years left us the same way. It was the first time I ever touched "Squeeky". Of all our many many "kids" - I think this one broke me the most.



Lady Skye Fyre said...

Thank you everyone for your kindest wishes. They mean a lot to both my husband and me.