Saturday, August 09, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at the Street Fair

DeeDude and I wandered down to the Laurel Village Street Fair this afternoon. He spent some time at the Laurel Book Store Booth talking to customers and signing his two books, Oakland's Laurel District and Moutain View Cemetary. I visited all the vendors.

I stopped by a booth for International Sanctuary that had pretty jewelry on display. I bought these earrings. The card the earrings came on were signed by the person who made them. She is a rescued sex trade worker.

Information on the back of the card that held my earrings: "This item was hand-crafted in India by a survivor of sexual exploitation. No longer a victim enslaved in the flesh trade, she is now able to go to school, receive vocational training and live in freedom. Your purchase of this product is helping her to build a brighter future. International Sanctuary is a non-profit organization that empowers survivors of human trafficking with social-enterprising opportunities."

I also bought two cat pencils. Figured they might prove inspirational to either us or the cats or, perhaps to both.

I picked up a jar of shea nut butter. They were giving out samples and it felt wonderful on my hands. This is called Ah Shayh and is also available online.
And, although I didn't purchase anything from the Senses and Scents booth I did have a sniff of some very nice candles. Promised them a link online, so here it is. They are local in Oakland, though they are only selling online at at fairs.

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