Friday, August 29, 2008

Where I Do a Reading - About Getting Married

I got an email the other day. The person said they were curious and needed to know a quick answer to their questions. They wanted to know when and who they were going to marry.

Well, my first inclination was just not to respond to the email. I may be a psychic, but I’m not that kind of psychic. I don’t do fortunetelling. I’m a channel. I trance out and the Guides talk about stuff. They generally don’t consider those types of questions to be worthy of any sort of answer, at least, that’s what they’ve done with me for years. So, based on what we’ve done in the past with those same sorts of questions I figured we’d get the same sort of thing going with this one and I didn’t even want to try. Seth told me once he wasn’t a nickelodeon I could feed with nickels to get answers out of him. I stood, the chela, chastened, but more knowing than I had been 3 minutes before he said that.

That, and I really wouldn’t trust my own channeling on issues like that.

However, I’ve been thinking about it. And, figured I’d give it a go anyway.

I will email the person, but I will also be posting this. First, because I just know in my bones that it’s going to be interesting. I also know it’s not what this person will be expecting to hear and certainly not something they’d want to pay $75 for which is what I used to charge for readings before I stopped doing them.

So, here we go. What follows are the Guides talking:

In this, we would take the time to say we are pleased to be here. We are also equally pleased to answer what you, Pauline, seem to consider an annoying sort of question. You must remember that people the world over would ask the same question and with as much feeling as your reader. They took the time to ask you a question. We, then, with your permission, will take the time to answer it.

This is like watching a pot boil. The longer you watch it, the more intently you concentrate the focus of your attention on the steam that is just now beginning to curl up from the pot, the longer it is going to take to boil. Our advice would be to stop worrying about it.

Marriage is a gamble even in the most informed circumstances. The best bet you have to make a long, lasting and fulfilling contract with another person (and this goes whether you are heterosexual or homosexual) is to love yourself first. Be clear in the things you like and dislike. This does not mean that you become an opinionated and boorish sort of individual. This means that you are clear in your mind and heart. You are not immaturely wishing for Clark Kent to swoop into your living room, hook an arm about your waist and carry you off into the wild blue yonder.

Do fulfilling things for yourself; interests that you enjoy. Get involved with things that you like to do. If you like crowds and are a gregarious sort of person then join up with groups of people who share like interests.

Reach out to other people. It is difficult to meet and get to know people if you hide away in your apartment or house most of the time.

Do not put yourself into dangerous positions and engage in random drinking sessions or drug use. Do not engage in promiscuous behavior. And, if you are doing these things now smarten up and figure out why you are doing them. This is where being a mature individual steps into the picture and where you do some emotional healing and begin to sort things out. Honor yourself, your mind, your heart and your body.

The more clear you are psychologically, the more mature you are, the more grown up you are the greater is the likelihood of you being able to recognize a person you would be happy with for the rest of your life.

That person will not be the most beautiful or handsome person in the world. That person is not going to have the best manners you’ve ever seen. There will be something about that person that reaches out to you and snags onto a piece of your heart. If you are in a good place as far as your own psychological and emotional development goes the likelihood of you being able to commit to a long term relationship with another person is greater.

What also certainly comes into play here is that you become less selfish. If you think that your future significant other is there to serve your interests for the rest of your life you will likely be looking at 3 divorces before you are 54 years old. If you can open your heart to another, take what you need, give what they want, let the little irritating things of life fly by quickly, learn from everything around you all the time you’ve got a good chance for an interesting and happy life.

People may speak of falling in love a great deal. That is only the first step. You fall into infatuation. Love is a conscious act that is practiced over and over again. You might be a shit for a few years while you are trying to cope with painful and frightening health issues, but your husband is understanding and is there to support you through the entire journey of your life together. Love stretches. Love never stops. You can be mad at your significant other but love never stops.

And, please remember that as you continue to grow and mature through the course of your life so too will your significant other. Love is being willing to love the other person 25 years down the road when neither one of you is the same person you were when you first met.

But, you can’t watch the pot boil.

So, our advice would be to get your own house in order. Prepare yourself for the future by growing up. Don’t stop your life waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful. They will be there for you when you are ready for them.

Our blessings, and we hope that this information will have helped both the reader who wrote and to anyone else who hasn’t had a date in 3 years.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog..interesting threads..I need information ASAP about moving?

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful answer to what i thought was a frightfully dumb question!


Donna said...

I just want to make sure there's coffee on the other side...hahahahaaa.....I think your Guides were "spot" on! Wonderful answer to one of lifes little questions...You'll be pleased to know that Crystal has snagged a beau...after 5 years...hahaaa...night Sweetie!!hughugs