Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Question Answered about Ouija Boards

I got this email today and thought others might find it useful.

The Question: When you start with the Ouija Board (On your site), what do you say?? How do you begin??

My Answer: When I sit at the Ouija Board there is no beginning word to start, it is just on.

The problem when I was learning how, the six months leading up to when it actually worked there was nothing, absolutely nothing I could do to make the stupid thing work. It was horribly frustrating, but I kept trying. I’d sit there and concentrate and meditate and pray for my guide to please, please, please come talk to me. Nothing. Nothing would happen at all.

But, I kept trying.

Now, I sit down and phrase whatever I want to talk about silently in my head and zip, zoom, swoosh, there goes the planchette. There is no sitting politely and reverently asking for my guide to please come talk to me. I know that my guide is always at my side, when I’m sleeping, when I’m driving, when I’m eating, even, Heaven forbid, when I’m sitting on the toilet. No privacy. No privacy at all anymore.

What’s fun about it is that I can do Air Ouija now. I sort of made it up. You don’t need a board or a planchette to make it work. You just sort of imagine the board in front of you and your finger sketches into the air pointing at the invisible letters. For me it’s more useful for Yes and No questions since I can clearly remember where those words are on the board. I sort of forget where the letters are….and I can hear anyway, so I don’t have to see who’s pointing to what to know what it is they are talking about. It’s just a fun and silly thing to do. Make a game of it, but always, always be mature about only asking to speak with your guide.

The stuff you’re going to be hearing in the beginning is going to be strange and off the wall depending on how mature you are, how susceptible you are to superstitious things, how afraid you are of things that go bump in the night and how psychologically well balanced you really are. If you are under a doctor’s care for a psychiatric issue then you do NOT want to do this.

If you make a promise to yourself that you will not be afraid to pay attention to your own psychological growth to include going to see a therapist if it gets to that then you will be okay. Talking to Spirit really pushes your buttons. You will find yourself, whether you want to be there or not, on the fast track of spiritual growth. And spiritual growth includes that your body, both physical and mental be in the best shape you can get to given what you’ve got to work with.

So, be very real and mature about asking for contact with your guide because it will NOT be limited to only the times that you sit there at the Ouija Board. And, once you get things moving with the Ouija Board there is not unmaking the connection with Spirit. You’ve broken through and there ain’t no backing out anymore.

You can find more information about using the Ouija Board at my site Talking to Spirit.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mend Your Ways

(A preface to this entry...a little way into it the guides stepped in and we began talking. I put their parts of the conversation in italics.)

Have you ever thought that you might miss out on something important if you aren’t constantly vigilant? Like, if you were to relax some terrific deal would pass you by and you’d find out about it later only to berate yourself for not being on the ball.

I think this is stinking thinking.

I can’t say that I haven’t done it myself, but it sort of just occurred to me that maybe I’m a little bit too uptight. So what if it costs $50 more just because I missed the sale. I’m going to buy it, whatever it is, when I’m good and ready to get it. There. I said it. I think I might be on the verge of relaxing a little bit.

What I’m trying to do here is force an article. I do this every month. About half way through the month I start wringing my hands (figuratively) and tying myself up in stress knots trying to think of an imaginative, grab everybody’s attention sort of little article I can use in my newsletter.

Every month I’ve been doing this and I even toyed with the idea of not doing it anymore because the ideas just aren’t flowing the way they used to.

Wrongo. Keep going with it, Pauline. Well, what if I’m boring? So what? Everybody is boring to some extent. Right. I guess it’s okay to be boring. Go ask your husband. Well, that was brilliant. He said I’ve been boring for the last 35 years. Well, you’re still married aren’t you? Yes. You can’t be that boring. I guess not. Maybe my biorhythms are really sucky right now. What other excuse can you think of?

Maybe this is morphing into a learn to channel blog entry. I think not. You probably would not want your students to see you at this shining moment. Why not? You’re not exactly an example for stellar channeling abilities right now. There’s nothing wrong with the way I’m channeling. No, there is not. I guess it’s my attitude. Right. Did you just smack your own behind? Yes. Sort of like Grace might do on the “Saving Grace” show. You’re sick. I am not, I’m your guide. Seth, in fact. Why do you think I’m sick? No one has ever accused me of being sick before. There is nothing perverted about smacking your own behind. Well, it’s just that usually you stick your finger alongside your nose and sort of wink at me when I’ve done something right or thought of something stupendous. I wouldn’t call coming to the conclusion that you have a stinky attitude right now all that stupendous. Yes, I guess I could see that coming.

So, what do you want to talk about now?

How about your need to create these articles you wish. We suggested to you 2 days ago that you might concentrate upon the most numerous emailed requests you get from your readership.

That’s right. I forgot about that. The thing that makes me feel this is most worthwhile is being able to say to folks that their loved ones haven’t just ceased to exist. That there is stuff to do after death and that folks are happy. Also that they don’t miss us horribly and things like that.

Yes, and you might mention no one has any remorse about anything either.

So, what happens to somebody who is a serial killer? What about people like that?

What about them?

Well, isn’t there any justice?

Of course there is justice. They will likely be the victim of someone’s murderous rages for many lifetimes into the future. You would think in balancing things that it goes tit for tat. It doesn’t. The bad things a person does in this lifetime can be multiplied a hundred fold to balance out eventually far into the future. So, for a string of murders in this lifetime a person can expect to be killed ten times for each person they murdered. This is a rough estimate, but you get the idea. Sometimes it takes people a long time to learn.

Well, what about if they are caught and put into prison? Sorry, that won’t wash as part of Karmic justice. That’s justice for humans. There is soul justice and that memory is a very, very long time.

What if some killer reads this and figures if he’s never going to get out of hot water he might just as well continue on. That’s his problem, isn’t it? We would think anyone who has a lick of common sense would begin to think of the consequences of their actions and begin to think they shouldn’t be doing that anymore. Additionally, when they die they will experience exactly what they did to their victims. Exactly. So, if they were to know that perhaps fear might make them stop. This isn’t just Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates directing traffic. This is their own personal judgment day.

Hey, thanks. You are quite welcome. Our blessings to each and every one of you.