Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

My heart goes out to those in terror situations, to those in war, to those under siege. My heart goes out to those in pain, to those who grieve, to those whose hearts are breaking. If I could I would take away your pain, but I cannot. I can only grieve with you and send you whatever thoughts I have of love and of healing.

Today is a day of Thanksgiving in the United States. Everywhere people are gathered, sometimes in large groups with friends and family, sometimes in small groups. Our hearts are lifted in gratitude. I wish all who are celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving and I send my love and prayers to those people in need.

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Mini said...

Lady Frye,

I always come back to your website sporadically to help me replenish my spirits. as I am now. I am perusing about a month's worth of posts...On this one: thank you for your sincerity and heart felt pleas. I was really grateful that you wrote about the tragic events we all witnessed. Those events were very upsetting to me as well.