Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Listening to Shelby

Every morning Shelby, our littlest cat, comes to wake me up. Usually, it’s about 5:00 am, sometimes earlier, sometimes later, but my mornings always start with her walking on me. She starts from the bottom of the bed and works her way up with inquisitory meows. I complete the welcome by patting my stomach to have her come settle for a few minutes before I get up.

This morning was no different from any other morning and she made her way up to settle down and have some quiet time with me before I got out of bed. However, that’s when DeeDude commenced to snore. These were loud snores too. Hggghhhhhh….. Hggghhhhh…. Hggghhhh. I could see Shelby’s interest peek. I was thinking she might be thinking DeeDude was awake and ready to play so I held onto her a little tighter so she wouldn’t take a notion to go jump on DeeDude who, though snoring enough to wake the neighborhood, was still fast asleep.

There we were, me holding Shelby as she continued to purr and to watch DeeDude with fascinated interest. And, that’s when I caught the errant thought from Shelby. She was interested in DeeDude’s snoring because she thought he was purring. I have to explain what a particularly interesting moment this was for me. I am psychic. I am a channel. I talk to Spirit Guides and folks in Spirit and animals in Spirit. It’s all one. I can do it easily. What I don’t do as easily is talk to and understand the live animals. It happens once in awhile. But, the times that it happens are few and far between.

It happened this morning when Shelby thought DeeDude was purring.


Free said...

How very cool!
Both that the cat thought it was purring, and that you can pick up on a cats feelings like that.
My 7 kitties and I will have to give that a go!

Psychic said...

It's really a wonderful experience to perceive the cat's own "mind". Maybe if you'll be around more with the animals, you might learn how to talk or communicate with them

Donna said...

You've got a Wonderfully Tender heart sweetie!! Extremely intuitive...She's lucky to have you!!hughugs

Concha said...

Many blessings


Animals are psychic. I have a dog and I work from home we spent a lot of time together and she's impressed me many time by being one step ahead of me.