Sunday, January 25, 2009

How I Do A Psychic Reading

What follows here has channeling in it. I've set the Guide's part off in another color.

The point, generally, of developing psychic abilities is to engage in psychic readings for people. The manner in which a reader conducts their reading is going to be different from anybody else’s way.

What you’re doing is to tap into Spirit to see if there might be any answers for the person who wants the reading. Or, just guidance.

I like to look at the overall picture. The person has asked their question or stated their concern. I have that in mind and then I do a dip. It’s like dipping below the waves when I do it.

So, I’m going to try to explain to you how I do a psychic reading.

I’ve got to be in the zone. It’s a different place. It’s a place of Spirit. It’s a place that doesn’t have the stuff in it that usually distracts me or annoys me. There’s no place here for me to be thinking about cleaning the house, or what’s going on at work. I can’t worry about the car here. And, this actually, is where a practice of meditation comes in to bear fruit. It’s the removing yourself from the usual distractions of life to go to a quiet place that is very helpful here.

How do I get to this place? If my mind is busy with a lot of stuff I almost have to keep moving deep time after time. It’s not easy to do this. Some people are good at it. I have to say I’m not. So, for me sometimes it is a struggle. At some point I sort of give up the struggle of moving deeper and content myself with where I am. That’s key too. So, even though I know I could have done a better job of it I have to say to myself in order to do the reading I need to be content with where I landed.

I don’t know if others do it this way, but it’s the way I do it now. Perhaps it’s all a process and 3 years from now I’ll be doing it differently. I like to think that. I’m not done learning either.

Then, with the concern of the individual at the back of my mind, with the idea of the person in my mind I move forward. Or, rather, I wait to be swept to wherever I need to be.

The images come to me quickly sometimes. So, this first part is a “seeing” that I do. I’ll have a picture of a huge open field, like a prairie before me. Not so many trees, but miles and miles of sky. And, no people. It’s a lonely place, or it could be, but I don’t feel lonely looking at it. I also pay attention to how I am feeling. If I feel an uneasiness that might mean something too. Sometimes, when I’m wound up I will discount what I see and say, “Oh, no. This isn’t right.” This is where I need to do my own learning. Just for these few moments in time you could urge yourself to just be a witness and try to stay out of being involved in what you are seeing.

Sometimes I lay some ground rules, like: I don’t want to see anybody dying or being murdered. It’s sort of a wimpy way of doing a psychic reading, but, hey, I’m the one doing it and I just don’t want to see any gory stuff right now. Maybe after I’ve done this awhile I can handle stuff like that, but for now? Today? No thanks. So, I have that as a proviso moving into the reading. I don’t know if it works, but if it doesn’t and you are suddenly on a hard beaten floor of earth looking up through a thicket of tumbleweed you can pull out of it quickly enough. Like one of the guides just said, “Just say no.” anyway, that did happen to me once. And, this is where the clairvoyance comes into play. No only was I seeing what somebody once saw I also knew that they died there.

Anyway, what I think I could be doing is to just not react to the violence or hardship that I might see for an individual. And, for that I would need to do my own psychological work. Like I’ve been urging people from day one with this stuff is that you filter the things you see and experience in the spiritual realm through your own human beingness warts and all.

But, this also brings up the doubt of the reading. So, you think you’re screwing up the reading by just being you. Practice. Practice. Practice. Like one of the guides just said to me: Ubung macht den meister, which means: practice makes the master. I actually don’t speak German very well. It’s what I call Gasthaus Deutsch. When I’ve had a few beers to drink I speak it better. And, since I quit drinking 9 years ago….well, it’s just not very good. But, every once in awhile one of the guides will say something in another language. Keeps me on my toes.

Anyway, back to the psychic reading. So, I’ve seen stuff. I’m starting to know stuff. And, finally, because I channel better than I do anything else I dip into channeling mode. And, I might as well do that now too. Oh, I forgot, on the “practice” reading I was doing this morning in bed just after I’d awakened what I was seeing shifted from the open plain to waves crashing on a rocky coast. Somehow I knew this to be in Ireland. Then, it moved into a village and very, very quickly zoomed in on a red brick house set right on the road to an upstairs window that was covered with a window shade. It wasn’t a pristine white. It was a faded and yellowed shade. And, something ominous was going on in that room. And, naturally, since I’m a wimp I pulled away from the vision.

So, for the next stage of this reading, since I did have that rather detailed vision about an hour ago before I got up I’m going to dip back into it and do some channeling.

Dipping…Remembering…. In this we are pleased to have been called in for assistance in this imaginary reading. What was not said was the person receiving the reading does not necessarily have to be a person the reader has met in the flesh, so to speak. This person might have telephoned, or emailed, or written a letter. Remember that you are all connected, one to the other, with strings of silver. You don’t normally see them, but it is there. The structure of the universe is a web and you are a part of it.

As Pauline has said she is a wimpy reader. This is not a fault. She does not do readings anymore for people as they were too draining upon her, but she can do them. And, as is evident today has proven to herself that she can still do it. It’s like riding a bicycle.

Hey, can I interrupt here? Yes. Something else that happened when I stopped doing readings was there were some who didn’t like what I said. Well, Dear, that is your own problem is it not? Well, yes, but I didn’t want to deal with it anymore. Why do you think they didn’t like their readings? Because they sucked. You didn’t read correctly? No, the news wasn’t pleasant. So, whoever said that a psychic reading always had to be good news? Okay, okay. You’ve got a point. I’m just a wimpy reader. No, Dear, you are a good teacher. Okay, I’ll stop and let you guys get back to it.

So, we might continue with our portion of the reading. What has been set forth so far is the visual part of the reading and that is of place. First, the prairie and then the rocky coast of Ireland, then a brick building with a shuttered window.

Within that house there is pain. There is anguish. There is grieving. The damage is done in the sense that the woman, the young woman who is gone will never return. There is a question in the minds of the people who live within these rooms as to what happened to their daughter. They will never know for sure. They have their suspicions, but someone saying to them that their daughter’s remains have been found will never happen. If, just if you were doing a real reading, which this actually is, but to think of it as a real reading as opposed to a practice reading you, the reader, would become too caught up in it to do it justice. In any case, we would say to those people that number one they will move naturally through the grieving process. But, in order to start that they might make the decision in their minds to say their daughter is dead to them. She will not return. Now, they can begin the grieving process. The questions will never be answered as to what actually happened. And, the pain never really goes completely away. But, if it makes any difference their daughter, having passed over, is happy. Karma was involved, but when she incarnates again it will be taken care of. There is justice in the world and if justice is not served in this lifetime it will be served in subsequent lifetimes.

For now, she is happy. She is content to be helping others. She is invigorated and stimulated by the things she is continuing to learn. She has expanded beyond the person she was in your hearts to claim every inch of her soul and of her higher self. She is wise beyond her years. She holds love in her heart towards you and towards everyone who has touched her in that lifetime and in other lifetimes too. She is reunited with blood relatives from this lifetime. She is reunited with children she had in previous lifetimes. She is greeted with joy by her husbands from other lifetimes.

You might think her life was cut short all too quickly. But, it was not. She lived exactly how much she intended to live and has moved on to the next step. She knows you miss her. She knows you love her. Someday she can visit you in your dreams and show you how very joyful her life is right now.

Our blessings.

Hey, thanks. You are welcome.

Anyway, that’s a reading the way I do them. And, if you don’t want to be relaying messages of this sort to another human being and risk their anger, pain, etc. Just do a practice one.

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Kathy Crabbe said...

Thanks for sharing your process! I am also a reader and moving up your way pretty soon - are there any kinds of gatherings you can recommend - I don't really know anyone up there but would love to connect with like-minded souls!

Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy C.