Thursday, February 26, 2009


Almost every expectation about channeling I had was shot down within the first year. This wasn’t a bad thing, it was just what happened to me. Maybe, if you’re learning how to channel, something similar might happen to you too.

One of the things I thought was that my life from that moment forward would be safe. I’d be safe. The people around me would be safe. My guide would save me from harm.

What I didn’t understand then was about the lessons we all have to learn at a higher level, specifically from our higher selves. I’d never heard of a higher self. I thought it was just me. Well, once the guides had given me a larger picture of what goes on and this had also been confirmed in many of the books I was reading I began to better understand the phrase, “shit happens”. I also better understood about personal responsibility and personal choices.

I remember so much of my childhood and early adulthood was spent like a leaf floating on the surface of the sea. I’d be here, I’d be there, but none of it was through my own choice, it was just me being swept this way or that. This lead directly toward the idea of it wasn’t my fault, it was somebody else’s fault, it didn’t involve me because I didn’t choose it; stuff like that.

I got over these ideas in a hurry that first year I learned how to channel.

So, here it is in a nutshell: you are not a victim. No matter what is happening to you, you are not a victim. You can change your life. You really can. Everything that happens to you happens because you made a conscious choice or your higher self stepped in (I still wonder at that) and decided it was time for you to move onto the next lesson because you weren’t getting there fast enough.

My advice? Pay attention. Stop blaming others for the stuff that happens to you. Move forward out of the mire of self blame, of whining, of despair, of hate. Doing this is going to involve a whole lot of soul searching and perhaps even some professional help. Go get a book about how to move through psychological and emotional growth.

If something shitty happens to you try and figure out what you’re supposed to learn. Higher selves aren’t always forthcoming with those sorts of answers although you are always welcome to ask them via a quiet meditative state, asking them directly and waiting quietly for an answer which might come to you in a vision, in a dream later on that night, in a flash of understanding or in actual words in your head.

I believe that people are resilient, that they really can come away from a bad experience smelling like a rose.

Okay, practicalities. You were just let go. These days our economy really sucks and there are a lot of people who are being let go from their jobs. What can you learn from something like that? Something that is positive? So, maybe you were a hermit all tied up in your job. This will expose you to a lot of other people as you let your feet hit the road looking for new work. Maybe it’s time for a change in career? Maybe it’s time for you to learn about flipping burgers instead of crunching numbers. You’re going to be bringing a lot of talent to a new job. You’ll obviously need to cut back on expenses. We’re a nation of over-consumers. Make a move to bare minimums and enjoy it. Always try to be optimistic. You’re always going to find something good if you look hard enough.

This is an opportunity for you to get to know the passengers on the bus line instead of being the only one in your car zipping here and there. This is an opportunity for you to conserve your resources rather than buying the best, the latest model, the most expensive. This is an opportunity to start examining core values.

This is an opportunity for you to ask for help. You’ve been so self sufficient all this time. You take pride in the idea that you’ve never had to ask for help. Could be this is what some of the lesson is about; you asking for help.

And, maybe this is the opportunity for you to help. How could you even think about giving help when you need it so badly yourself right now? Well, maybe you haven’t done much all these years about giving to others other than the gift of money every once in awhile as a donation. Maybe it’s time to become more involved in your community and give of your time and talents.

This economic crisis is affecting all of us. What could you learn from it?

My postscript: This was supposed to be an article in my upcoming March newsletter, except it got too long. So, I figured it would be a good blog post.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Talking to Spirit

It used to be when I was younger, when I did drugs and drank and later, as I got older and stopped doing drugs, but continued to drink I realized I was trying to alter my reality. It was in that boozy place that every once in awhile I could feel a little bit of that other place. I knew it was there. It wasn’t just the whole big world. It was a place in my head and heart. It was a bigger place I didn’t normally walk about in. It was a glimpse of another reality.

Then came the day when I didn’t want to touch the stars in a false way anymore. I didn’t want to go there with drugs or drink. I wanted the real thing. What I had with the artificial things was a way to get there, but there was a nightmarish quality about it. I wanted to remember. I wanted to participate fully. I wanted to talk to God.

That’s when I began to search. Although the path I was on meandered quite a bit I realize now that it was the best way for me to get here. I’m happy. I have a different relationship now with my higher self, with the Guides, with Folk in Spirit.

I believe in the power of prayer. I think of the people who come to my sites carrying anguish in their hearts and even though they might never say a blessed word to me I include them in my prayers in the dead of night. I ask that the universe be kind to them if it is at all possible or permissible. I ask that they be able to recognize peace and participate more fully in whatever is best for them. I ask that their paths be as smooth as they can possibly handle. I know if you’ve got to get somewhere you can either do it the hard way or the easy way. It’s the responsibility of the person to make their own choices, but I haven’t given up that Spirit won’t help us in times of need.

I can’t give you a number for the people I pray for. There were times when I’d forget someone and feel bad when I did remember, but the guides said that everybody who needed my prayers were always there whether I consciously remembered them or not. I was comforted by that thought and continue my prayers.

Sometimes in the dead of night I throw my thoughts, my heart, my energies out there to bind with other healers working too, to help them, to help my folks, to help their folks. It’s like a network. I’ve never met any of them, but it is on faith that I feel they are already there.

And, through it all, I send my prayers out for those I don’t even know, who might be in need of something.

I’m not sure if this is the right way to do it, but I’m drawn to it. Sometimes I would wonder if I was just delusional about the whole thing, but even if it was spitting into the wind I feel I would still do it.

And, I would take whatever healing and peace was out there for my own. I pray quietly. I’ve never talked about how I pray.

I get quiet. I am quiet. I pretend I feel the energies. I sense an updraft moving up and out from me. A wonderful drift of smoke that I can see. It’s not really smoke, but it moves like it. It’s essence. I follow it. Up out to undulate upon the night sky. Above the city. Above the lights. No longer can I see the traffic. My face is turned now to see the other wisps of energy, of thought, of other prayer that rises up and away.

There’s a net, a web, an intersecting mesh of fragile cord. All of us out there. Our essence joined in purpose, in love. Everybody out there a part of what makes the world. Not just healers everybody. What do you do when you get there? Participate. Enjoy. And, when you come back? Wonder if it was real. Pretend it was.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Some Channeling

It is in the act of doing that progress might be made. You can only study so much and then you must, in order to complete the lesson, act upon what it is that you have learned. According to your level of perception you will either get it or not. Now, it does not in any way matter that you do not “get” a particular lesson. You might not be ready to get it. It might be three or four years from now before you are ready to understand all the ramifications, or at least some of them, of any particular lesson.

What will equip you to make real and valid progress with anything that you are learning is not to get the stuffed head about it. In this we speak of believing that you are the best in your field of endeavor. If you can always think of yourself as a student, as one who is constantly learning, even though you are able to teach now what you have learned, you will be able to improve upon that which you know now.

Our blessings to the chela.