Sunday, February 01, 2009

Some Channeling

It is in the act of doing that progress might be made. You can only study so much and then you must, in order to complete the lesson, act upon what it is that you have learned. According to your level of perception you will either get it or not. Now, it does not in any way matter that you do not “get” a particular lesson. You might not be ready to get it. It might be three or four years from now before you are ready to understand all the ramifications, or at least some of them, of any particular lesson.

What will equip you to make real and valid progress with anything that you are learning is not to get the stuffed head about it. In this we speak of believing that you are the best in your field of endeavor. If you can always think of yourself as a student, as one who is constantly learning, even though you are able to teach now what you have learned, you will be able to improve upon that which you know now.

Our blessings to the chela.


Nickname non disponibile said...

That is fascinating. I am hopeless at trusting my instinct, for example,I want to leave my husband and town in the CZ and go and live with my two young childrenin a community in Spain. How do I know it's the right thing to do? Do you know anybody I can ask for free?
Yours respectfully,

Nickname non disponibile said...

How can I improve my psychic skills. I've been lying on my bed with an amethyst on my forhead, will that do any good?

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for writing. That's a very large life decision you're trying to make. Personally, I would not base a decision that big, either yes or no, 100% on anything anybody else had to say to me. I would, however, take their suggestions under consideration.

So, here are some suggestions for you to consider:

Your higher self isn't going to give you any particular lesson to deal with that won't eventually be of benefit to you. The question becomes then just how long will it take you to learn the lesson because once you’ve learned it to your higher self’s satisfaction the situation that is bothering you will ease up. Life lessons aren't always pleasant.

Try to meditate and sink deeply into self to ask yourself just what you are supposed to learn from the lesson. And, regardless of the fact that you think everybody else has the answers you need, you are the best person in the world to answer them.

In addition, I think it would be a good idea to seek out a counselor to help you work your way through the problem. Right now you're pretty wrapped up in what is going on and having somebody who is calm to talk to might be helpful.

As far as how to improve your psychic skills start keeping a journal. As unpsychic as that sounds it is actually a very valuable first step on that journey. Awakening your psychic senses isn't always as easy as 1, 2, 3. It's a life-long path that dips and weaves through the rest of your years.

Trusting your intuition is also a personal thing. Right now you are dealing with a lot of fear and turmoil. Not the best time to try to awaken psychic senses or even to use them. But, one thing you could do is to take a deck of cards or something along those lines and try to guess what is on the other side. Like you hold up a card with its back to you and flat out guess that it is the Queen of Hearts. Or, take some index cards and draw something simple on them like a square on one, a circle on another, and a star on another. Paste some wrapping paper or something to obscure the picture from shining through when you hold it up to the light and then just keep guessing. As you get better and better at it you might begin to trust your own psychic senses.

Using your psychic senses in a time of turmoil results in mostly warped answers unless you are really, really sound psychologically and emotionally.

Good luck and consider seeking out a therapist or counselor to help you through this hard part.

Lady Skye Fyre

Nickname non disponibile said...

Thank you, no not fear. I'm living in a house that I hate and in a community which lives in fear of everything, from disease to accidents to social exclusion, it's boring and I have all my principles trampled on everyday. Anyway, there's no therapy available. Unless we pay a lot. And it would only work if hubby did as well and he wouldn't.

icancarryallthebagsandthebabiestoo said...

This is the first time I've seen this blog. It's so incredibly interesting to me.

I've always been really interested in psychics. I've always gone for tarrot readings and palm readings... some good, some not.

I guess I'm looking for an answer. I guess that's what is so exciting about a psychic. Someone may have an answer to a question that you have, but know you'll never be able to discover on your own.

Curious Curandera said...

Great post!

Liara Covert said...

This idea resonates deeply. An analogy relates to reading a book. For example, years ago, I read Out on a Limb by Shirley Maclaine. It sort of fell out of a shelf. More recently, I was drawn to read that book again. It triggered profound revelations that led to others. Life experience has since shifted my vantage point to where I read differently between the lines of every book and interaction. The senses sharpen every moment and sensations detected suddenly defy words. To accept them is to trust and have faith in a deep process.

Lady Skye Fyre said...

The book that fell at my feet in the library when I was 16 years old was, "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Parmahansa Yogananda. It's just amazing how these things happen to us and end up being pivotal moments in our lives.

Mini said...

I love the Autobiography of a Yogi book! This post is a helpful reminder. I recently took a was a milestone for me bc it was an action purely in my self interest...taking responsibility for myself in a way i have wanted to for a while. On the other side of it, i realize i have been scratching my what? ...i set myself up a little thinking (wanting) something to be different. This was a helpful reminder to not get a stuffed head and to continue to be mindful. My "investment" in myself was so rewarding (professionally); something i've wanted to experience for a while. while i *hope* this is the start of something *big*, your post reminds me to remain a beginner in my mind and keep paying attention!