Saturday, July 11, 2009


Have you ever noticed the things that can happen to your body when you are afraid? If you are suddenly afraid you might feel your bowels loosen, but that is an extreme case. Certainly being afraid can quicken your heart, can make you break out into a sweat, or if you are a lady going through the change can bring on a hot flash. You might be unable to catch your breath, you might even feel faint. If you have a long time fear that goes on day in and day out your health can be negatively affected. You might cope with the fear by self-medicating, by smoking tobacco, by drinking or even by taking drugs. This is what some of the things fear can do.

If fear is familiar to you it could be said that you view reality through fear. Have you ever met somebody who is constantly happy? Do you think something is wrong with them? If a person who is relatively content most of the time goes through a bad experience that person is probably going to be better able to process the experience quickly and resume a balance in their life faster than someone who is saddled with fear.

Here’s what happens to someone who holds a lot of fear who opens psychically. They are probably not going to have an easy time of it. Even in the best of circumstances opening psychically is going to nudge whatever fears you have. I can almost guarantee that your psychic awakening is going to be horrible if you have a lot of fear. If you are more like a 3 year old who does not know the meaning of the word fear you will have an easier time of it. I’m not saying the process is always going to be totally easy, because no matter how well balanced you are you will need to make some adjustments in how you look at life and your belief systems. Doing this without fear is easier than doing it with fear.

Actually, it really doesn’t matter whether you are afraid or not because this is your journey and you’ve got lessons to learn whichever way you are. I’m just saying I’ve noticed if you don’t hold fear the process is smoother. How can I say this? Because I was afraid.

My first fear was when my guide started talking to me. He said, “I am not a Nickelodeon that you can put money in and get answers to your questions.” Yikes. Then, it took me awhile to understand the deep and burning questions I wanted answered just were not important enough to need answers. Questions like, “When am I going to die? How am I going to die?” Notice I was afraid of dying. They’ve never answered those questions for me other than to say early on in the beginning (which I tend to doubt now anyway) that I would be hit with a Mac Truck.

And, here’s a funny one for you. I asked my guide once if he had ever seen an alien. He was silent for long enough that I figured I’d just asked a really dumb question and it was not deserving of an answer when he said, “Who do you think you’ve been talking to all this time?” If you think about it an extraterrestrial being is somebody who doesn’t have a body like we do on Earth. The way I understand it the guides and folk in spirit I talk to are energy. No bodies.

Anyway, you don’t have to be afraid of your fears. Just take a close look at them when they come up for you to look at. Know that you will proceed through a psychic awakening whether you are afraid or not. Be ready to make a commitment to do your own psychological and emotional healing as things come up and you will be fine.

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