Saturday, September 26, 2009

Opening to Spirit

I used to be quite jealous of people who had things come to them easily. I can remember as a child my parents speaking of individuals who had photographic memories and in my child-like mind I would think if I could have a photographic memory my parents would be proud of me. It never happened, but that sense of not being the best at whatever it was sat heavily on my small shoulders.

So, as an adult I was in awe of people who channeled. I figured it was just something I could never hope to accomplish. I went along for quite a few years thinking along those lines, and, of course, it never happened for me.

It wasn’t until I happened upon a book called, “Creating Money” by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer that I was exposed to the idea that maybe I could have more control over my situation than I thought. From, “Creating Money” I was quickly led to, “Opening to Channel” by the same people and for the very first time I read that not only could I make changes in my material life, but I could make changes in my spiritual life.

There was no holding me back at that point. What I had yearned for had a chance of actually coming true. I began with the exercises in the book. And, even though I still had a shoot yourself in the foot way of looking at life I did make progress. It wasn’t as straightforward as presented in the book. My own journey involved twists and turns where I learned how to draw, learned how to write, and began a healing journey by keeping a journal, I did eventually make what I considered to be a solid connection with my guide.

Now, as I look at it all in retrospect I see that what I did to make that breakthrough to Spirit was done exactly right for me. It did seem to take a long time. It didn’t go according to the plans outlined in, “Opening to Channel”. But, it was perfectly right for me. I’m still learning about it all. I still strive to address feelings of inadequacy. But, I’m really glad to have this wonderful connection to Spirit.

And, the really good news? If I did it, you can too.

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spirit psychic reader said...

Dear Lady Skye

Thank you very much for sharing your spirit journey, you are an encouragement to those who are to become psychics and spiritually connected individuals.