Saturday, July 03, 2010

It's Nice to Be Back

How to turn the last 6 months of my life into a post. Why? Well, I wasn’t in jail. I’d like to explain. Why? Well, a blog is your story. You don’t have to explain yourself to anybody. Just pick up where we left off? Yes.

You’re right. As a note of explanation….the bold stuff is what my guides are saying. In this instance it is Seth. I’ve been channeling since 1993.  I talk more about channeling here and about learning how here.

One place we left off was me dithering around trying to migrate this blog into my own domain name. It wouldn’t work. I tried Word Press and I tried TypePad. Didn’t care for either of them and didn’t want to spend the time to learn them. Solved that just now by having the blog be a link on the website. Now, I can have my cake and eat it too.

The next plan would be to get the blog to look a little more like the website. I think that may be doable.

I’ve recently started in writing reviews of the books I’m reading. That also went on hiatus for awhile. I was still reading, I just didn’t write about any of the books I was reading. Mostly, there were all old favorites I’m read many times before. No point in yarning on about them again.

Maybe I’ll start carving crochet hooks again. It’s nice to be back.

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Iris Tinley said...

I was guided to your site. Ah, I have to collect myself, excitement has filled my stomach.