Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Standup Sort of Person

Just a few minutes before I need to head off to work. It's cold now. Hot the last time I wrote and we were very worried about fires and now, it's cold. Had a pretty intense rain storm over the weekend, but it didn't last that long.

Am reading Nicholas Spark's now, "The Rescue" I just finished another by him, "Nights in Rodanthe". Very good writer. I enjoy his stories. I purchased Barbara Moss' "Fierce" over the weekend and will read it soon.

Dennis and Eric's book will soon be out. We hope. He got an advance copy and has been showing it around. "East Bay - Then and Now"

One of the things I don't spend a whole lot of time talking about is spiritual stuff. I realize that I'm "in touch" all the time and when I say in exasperation, "Jesus" and he says or somebody says, "Yeeeessss?" it always serves to jerk me away or part way away from my fuss. But, there is a sense of a better way to be...a better way to strive towards that is always a part of my day. I'll be at work and be bombarded with telephone right after the other and some of them, most of them with some of the most inane requests you'd ever hope to hear. I'll get off of the phone thinking, "Why?" Well, there's a lot more to that questions...but, we'll leave it at "Why?" for the moment. It's like I feel that I'm supposed to be "in touch" I'm supposed to act right. I'm supposed to be spiritual. Because I'm a channel. Because I've got a website that serves as a platform for the Guides to talk about stuff. Because there are people who are really touched by what is said. Because this stuff can change lives for the better, like my own was changed. So, I should be a standup sort of person and act right. Except, I don't always feel like I do. I'm human, I suppose, with all those associated failings and frailties and the Guides, I feel, are very understanding of what a poop I can be. Especially, moving rather quickly now, towards menopause. Ahem, if we might interject? Sure. Mean, Dear. You've left out mean. Thank you. You're quite welcome.

Yes, okay. That, too. Anyway, I need to go be mean at work now. Ta.

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