Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogging Around

Investigating blogging. This blogging business is still a mystery to me. As I've been working with my own I can see that making entries to it is a heck of a lot easier than working on a webpage. I mean, with a new webpage I copy over from one of my previous pages to get a basic template, then I fiddle with what I'm going to say and it can be a very long, drawn out process. With this blogging I just make an entry.

This particular blog, my first and only, is different than the website because I pick topics there to talk about and here I just barf on the page. Excuse me, that just wasn't polite. But, it's what I do as a journaling writer. I barf words. Not that what ends up on the page is going to be vomit. At least, I hope it won't be. But, in a sense, there's more freedom for me here than there is on the webpage. Also, folks are visiting Talking To Spirit. Nobody visits here. At least, not now. So, I don't feel so self conscious.

Now, I'm looking at other people's blogs and I see some really, very nice ones. I mean these are primo professionally done blogs. At least, I think so. Like mine? No. One thing I notice is I like the white page best. Do you see me with a white page? No, but I'm still fiddling with this. Once upon a time it was all green.

Anyway, enough barfing. Climb onto a soap box. What exactly does this blog do for me? Well, it's a place where I can just write. I haven't done that lately anywhere else. And, I'm sorry to say I really haven't done much in the line of adding new content to my website.

The plans there involve optimizing. Looking at the titles of each page and writing a distinct and different description for each page. Yikes. I've got over 400 pages. This is going to take awhile. With that project goes using the Overture keyword selection tool, deciding on keywords to concentrate on and work with them.

Also, I have ideas to double the number of link/resource pages I've got up. After they are built and have a few links on them to begin the process of going after reciprocal links. What does any of this have to do with being a channel? Nothing. It has to do with making this channeling website financially viable. Because right now it makes $100 every 4 months. Who can pay the rent with that? I have to admit I haven't done many readings lately, but the last two readings I did I think may have resulted in a couple of friendships or, at least, in me getting some channeling students for awhile.

I don't charge to teach people to channel. They all go at their own pace and check in when they feel the need. In that sense maybe I'm sort of shamanic which appeals to me.

Renee Lopez sent me a CD with her singing all her own songs. What a tremendous voice she has. Turns out we are both Virgos.

Anyway, I don't want to say too much here that's going to violate anybody's privacy and yet, I wonder just how private these blogs can be. It's going to take some more investigating. I did notice, though, in looking at my statcounter info the other day somebody had taken the pdf file I'd made with the Spirit Board and put it on their blog. They were poking fun at it. Well, when I made it I was sort of laughing tongue in cheek anyway at it all. It's not serious and yet it works. And, if you wanted to talk to Elvis you could. I guess that's what people don't feel is so spiritually enlightened. Well, if they want to be serious they can be. I can't. I'm just mean most of the time these days. Because I am in pain all the time...but, that's another story and not one I care to go into back hurts and so does my neck.

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