Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Guides and Me about Readings

I spent a lot of time yesterday reading blogs and trying to get a feel for what people do with them. To my mind right now they seem to be a cleaner version of a webpage. Talking To Spirit, for instance, gets really cluttered up at times with stuff. It's almost too much to handle in one fell swoop, which is maybe why people either go immediately to a Google ad or they come back later on. With over 400 pages who could spend all day with it?

But, we're getting maybe 100 hits a day. I would like to see that number double. I noticed that the second most popular page was the Channeled Readings page. I only put a few of the readings I ever did for folks there. I might dig up another couple of them that have info in them that might be considered valuable for folks other than the intended readee. Is that a word? Are you asking us? No, actually, I was being bloggie. I really don't think that is a word. What are you trying to say? Well, I wanted to say if the reading wasn't too personal other folks might get some benefit from it. Our feeling is no matter how personal a reading is others would certainly be interested in reading it. You, however, might think of professional consideration of your clients, whether they paid for the reading or not, in seeking to publish them. Well, I was. I only ever think of looking at the really old readings. Also, I saw that spreadsheet yesterday where I had been keeping track of them; who I did them for and what their email addresses were and the basic jest of the reading. Also, how long it was. Why is that? Well, I saw I'd stopped keeping track in 2002 and there are 3 years of readings not recorded there. Why? I don't know. Why, why? Why did you stop recording them? I suppose I forgot. Not easy to forget something like that, Dear. Well, I suppose I must have gotten busy with something. Maybe the hgh stuff. Yes, perhaps your other job took more of your time. Now would be a good time to see just how many readings you have done. I suppose. You don't sound very enthusiastic about it. No. Who is this, anyway? Seth. Oh. Yes, hello to you too, Dear. God. No, Seth. Oh, shit. Dear, you can strike that. No, I won't. Well, so be it. And, everyone will read of your foul mouth. Alright. What are you getting at? You know very well what I am getting at. Not only is this a blog, it's my own personal battleground. Well, I wouldn't say it was bloody. No.

Okay, what Seth is needling me about here has to do with something I read in, "Zen in the Art of Writing" by Ray Bradbury years and years ago. He'd been talking about how when he had written a million words he'd consider himself to be a writer. When I read that it really struck a chord with me and I determined that I'd do that too. So, over a period of a year I wrote a million and a half words in a journal. Nothing that might be considered to be publishable. More like blog stuff. It was me on my soapbox. It was me pissing and moaning. It was me wondering about stuff. It was my journal. I'd begun in the beginning to do word counts for each day's journaling. Then, when that got to be seemingly obsessive I did averages. Turns out, in the program I was using in those days that a page had about 600 words on it. So, I counted pages instead and multiplied. In the end it was about a million and a half. And, I could write. Maybe not well. But, it flowed. I actually needed it for the channeling, as it turned out. The guides needed somebody with diarrhea of the fingers...or of the mouth..ha. LOL, Dear. LOL. hmmpph.

Anyway, I took the same idea and applied it to me as a psychic. I figured after I'd done 100 readings for folks, whether they were paid readings or not, I might consider myself to be a psychic reader. Except, I still have issues with the readings. It's not my most fun thing in the world to do. I still have problems with how people will accept them. I don't have any problems with what the guides have to say, but I do have issues with how good a channel I am with their information. And, the biggest problem I have is with people wanting answers to questions without plunking down the geld first. I can't blame them for not wanting to spend money on something without knowing what they're getting, but that was what the reading page was supposed to solve. Maybe I need to put some links of the purchase page back to the reading page so they can see what some of the readings are like. That might be interesting.

I talked to Dallas about it and she said she gives one free reading a month. If folks want to stand in line, that's fine with her and if they don't want to stand in line they can purchase a reading. I've been giving free readings to folks who are grieving and who say they flat out don't have any money. I still would want to continue with that, but I might ask that they queue up in the line. Not like I've had a gazillion folks waiting in line wanting readings these days. But, being as how I worry a lot, I don't see why I can't worry about this issue. Side note: I just saw a guide in my peripheral mind's eye scrubbing his face with his hands. I'm probably dancing around the whole point here. Usually, when I see them doing that, that's what I'm doing. No, now one of them is holding his nose.

You, know, once upon a time Seth and the others suggested I do some sample readings, not based on questions folks had actually submitted to us, but just with questions we came up with ourselves and then the guides answered as if they were honest to goodness readings. That way I wouldn't be violating any sort of professional standard or confidentiality. Yeah, I had forgotten about that.

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