Saturday, July 23, 2005

Seth Talks to Me

Normally, I wouldn't jump back in here so quick, but I feel the need to talk. One thing on my mind right now is this blog. I've said it will be the back story of a psychic. Well, it is and it isn't. It's just my story.

Supposedly, I'm a psychic. I definitely am a channel. But, personally, I don't think I'm that great a psychic. Sometimes I get flashes. Sometimes I can say truthfully that I am psychic. But, then again, so is everybody else. I'm not so special in that department. Where I am different is that I'm a channel. The quandary I find myself in is that people tend to lump everybody with psychic abilities together and expect that they can all tell the future, etc. Even if I could tell the future (and, sometimes I do get glimpses), I wouldn't want to. But, moving with the idea that what the people think is what I'll cram myself just doesn't sit well with me. Could be why I don't get requests for readings anymore.

My site, I think, is better geared toward helping other people to channel. And, to help those people who are having immediate questions about grief. But, am I still a psychic? I guess so.

Perhaps we might help? Yes, thanks. You'll need to go back later on and give us all different colors so you might keep us all apart. Okay, I'll do that. Anyway, what do you think? What we think, Dear, is not what is important right now. It is what you think. It would appear that you are a reluctant psychic. Yes. I compare myself to other psychics and find myself wanting. Dear, hasn't that always been the case with you with other matters? I guess so. Give us a new paragraph and we might speak for a moment.

First of all, this blog as you refer to it is indeed the back story of a psychic. As you state you might not be the best in the bunch, but you are a good channel. And, you know how to maintain a high quality of channeling in that you might continue to do your own psychological work. Something you have bee neglecting for awhile, but that is just a hint. In any case, if you were to pay attention to your own needs your life overall would improve and this would also include your ability to perceive what might be termed as wishful channeling.

What you have before you with Talking To Spirit is a website that is in constant motion. It has enough information continued in it even now, that you might publish a book. But, to have it available for anyone to come, anywhere with no charge was your desire. That has been fulfilled. It is also more dynamic than a book in that you are constantly adding to it.

We would suggest that you might continue with your own efforts in regard to moving psychically and also spiritually.

Yeah, that's something that's been bothering me too. What's that? The moving spiritually part. Like Thayer said about meditating just for meditating's sake and not for growing spiritually. Well, then, you can take what he said under advisement, then, can't you? Yes. I guess I have. Yes.

Seth, why does it have to be so hard, though? I mean, why is there all this anguish in my heart when all I want to do is help people? Dear, if you would consider your own position does not come from the top of the barrel, as it were, but from the bottom. You don't have a whole lot of self confidence and it seems perfectly natural for you to have all this anguish. You're just operating from a really intense position and take nothing for granted. You've got to question everything. You've got to know the nuts and bolts. You've got to split hairs. That's what the driving force of your nature takes you. It doesn't just like to skim over the surface of things. It really wants to know. Couple that with low self esteem and you've got anguish.

On the other hand, those things that are beautiful and that are poignant are so much more so for you than for other people. Can you remember what it was like to learn how to swim? Yes. Remember how frightened you were? How you hugged to the side of the pool not wanting to go into the water? How even your toes curled about the edge of the pool you were holding on so tight? Yes. Do you remember how you were taught? The first dead man's float? How relaxing it was? And, it was then that you knew for a certainty that you would not sink, you would not get water in your nose, you would not choke, you would not die and you were safe. From the simple floating. The learning how to swim came later. But, it was the floating that first allowed you to feel safe.

Being safe is the key for you. Revisit being safe and translate that feeling into how you can feel with being safely psychic. Where you are halting is the meandering and idle vision seeking. That's where you can use a little nudge. OBE's in your head. What would it be like to have a sudden psychic vision? You've had them before. They are odd. They are sudden. They can be startling. But, this is the same thing that happened to you as you learned how to meditate. Remember? Yes. There was a period of time when you saw faces. Faces contorted in horror and fear and who knew what else. Tortured faces. And, you were seeing them. And, they frightened you. But, we told you to continue with meditating practice. And, finally, when you were meditating you no longer saw those faces.

Use the same technique, now, with being psychic. It will come to you.

Thanks - I suppose, this would be the better backstory of a psychic than me pissing and moaning about every little thing. Dear, it is your story. Don't worry about it. Thanks.

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