Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Best of Craig's List

I’ve just discovered something new.  It’s called the Best of Craig’s List.  There was this essay about farting that had me absolutely in stitches.  I emailed it to my husband and sister.  I hesitate to share this with the people I work with since they think I’m not like that at all.  Little do they know.  Well, actually, once upon a time they did know, but that was back in the days when I drank.  I don’t drink anymore.  Hence this more circumspect individual before you now.  I trust that they don’t remember me from those days either since they were drinking too as I recall.  But, water under the bridge.  

An update on my dental work today.  The numbness has worn off, but my jaw is aching.  My teeth, though not loose in their sockets, have undoubtedly been disturbed.  And, I’ve got a headache that won’t go away.  I took a Tylenol with codeine about half an hour ago.  I think I’m going to take another one before I go to bed.

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