Saturday, June 10, 2006

Clearing The Way

Hey, I lost another pound. That makes 4 this week. The dangerous part of all of this is the weekend backsliding. If I can make it through the weekend without having gained back the weight I lost during the course of the week it will be a good thing. Especially next week where I’m going to have deep scaling cleaning at the dentist. Ouch. I’ve been told it’s so painful they only do half of your mouth at a time. I get the other half done a week later. Figure I’ll be having smoothies to eat for awhile.

So, the weekend? Laundry, of course. Moving forward on our computer project. I’ve shelved the book project. I just can’t get motivated to move into the ding-donged index to edit. I really ought to clean this place up. If I have a clean work area I always feel more motivated to work. Actually, my work areas at work look like disaster areas. I’ve got 1 permanent pile that is about 6 inches deep. It keeps being lopsided as I look for things in it. The problem is that our filing cabinets are full and have been full for several years. So, as we do things and finish them we want to keep the paperwork for later, except there is no place to put it. Eventually, one of these days I’m just going to toss the entire thing.

Every once in awhile I make stabs at it. If we need the stuff again I can print out more info from the internet and from our emails. But, I am purely getting sick and tired of the mess in the office. If we hire somebody to come in (like I hope we will eventually do) it’s just plain embarrassing for me to have somebody new come in and see what a slob I am. It’s happened before. It’s like their eyes get really big and you can use your awesome powers of telepathic communication to overhear their thoughts, “Jesus, they expect me to work here? How can anybody find anything? What’s this joke about a, ‘safe place’ where they keep the important stuff and how come nobody can ever find it? I think there’s something wrong with these people. What if they’re really trying to find a replacement for this lady who’s training me? I don’t think I’m here to help. I think they must be trying to get rid of her. If I was in charge I would have let her go years ago before it got so bad.” Needless to say, I don’t have a real high opinion of myself as far as filing capabilities go. Not today anyway.

Well, take your glasses off and you can’t really focus in on it. Einstein was a mess. So were a lot of other creative, brainy people. You’re just trying to be nice. Yes, I am. Is that a crime? No. But, thanks anyway. I guess we’re channeling now. Yes, it would appear that we are. Do you wish to talk about something in particular this morning? Here? Yes, here. Well, I already talked about how messy I am. Yes, it is born of having to do a lot. Yeah, I suppose. You do not have the opportunity to spend as much time on your duties as you would prefer. As a Virgo you tend to be very particular about what you do and how you do it. This mad slap dashing about offends you to some extent. It gets on your nerves and consequently the messes you leave behind with these not quite finished or interrupted projects is also offensive to you. So, what should I do? Go in on the weekend to finish them up? No, you would be violating company policies and you also have a great deal that you’ve set for yourself to do at home. Our suggestion would be to devote 15 minutes a day, every day for cleaning. You do not have to completely clean or organize entire sections of your study, but you would devote the obligatory 15 minutes every day to doing something. Set the timer. If the timer rings and you are not quite finished, finish up as well you can as quickly as you can and then, the important thing is to forget about it. You will have the satisfaction of having done a little bit toward keeping yourself organized and on track. With time you will begin to see that your work area at home will remain clear and picked up and you will feel good about that all the time. Additionally, as you grow accustomed to doing this picking up you will feel more comfortable about taking the necessary time to do it at work. It will be one of your required duties, if you will, and you will not continue to assign being organized a lighter importance.

You might begin this morning with your desk area. You are going to be spending a good deal of time here this weekend and having this area clean will be helpful to you. For instance, is it really necessary to have 3 containers full of pens and pencils? You only use one at a time. Why don’t you pick out the ones you use most often and have only one container? Also, there are some books on your desk. Why are they there? Are you referring to them now? If not, put them away. There is a dvd on your desk. It’s been there for 3 weeks. It is taking up space. Put it away.

Hey, thanks. You are quite welcome.

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