Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Dentist

I had laughing gas today. I also got half of my mouth numbed more than it’s ever been numbed in this lifetime. It’s still wearing off. I had the deep cleaning, planing, grinding, gouging, digging, scaling done. All buffed up and looking good right now. Except I still can’t smile very well. It’s sort of lopsided.

The guides were with me on this one. The dentist and the hygienist left me alone with instructions to breathe deeply of the nitrous oxide. I breathed real deep. Normally, I’m all tense and dental experiences are not good for me any day of the week. But, when I found out last month that my dentist used laughing gas I wanted it for me. It cost an extra $65, but I feel it was well worth it. The only down side is I had to have 3 time outs for coughing and gagging.

I had this running conversation with the guides in my head and at one point I remember warning them not to make me laugh. I didn’t want to cough again. The dentist explained to me that they were going to lighten up on the nitrous oxide. When they stopped with the spraying of water and sucking up of saliva I calmed down and he really got going good. I was only in the chair for an hour, so that wasn’t so bad. I couldn’t talk very well afterward and did end up going back to the office for the last hour of work. I figured I wasn’t dying or anything, so I’d best go back to pitch in. I’m glad I did because it was busy.

But, I’ve got a headache now…normal for a trip to the dentist for me, but, so far no aching in the mouth area. I have an appointment for next week to have the other side of my mouth done. Pauline, WAHAINOSPT…those are my initials for today. Pauline, with a headache and in need of sick person’s treatment.

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