Sunday, June 18, 2006

How to Do An Out of Body Experience OBE

OBE. What is that? It’s an Out of Body Experience. It’s where you sit quietly in your easy chair and you visit some other place. Not all that hard to do. Here’s how: It should be quiet. I like to zone out listening to instrumental music. It is better if it is dark and everybody is asleep. You are sitting in your favorite reclining chair. You could also do this lying down in your bed, but the likelihood of you going to sleep is greater, but if that is your preference, go ahead and do this lying down.

While you are relaxed imagine that you are wiggling the toes of one foot. To get you started you can actually wiggle them to see what it feels like, but then, with your toes quiet just imagine that you are wiggling them. Now, shift your haunch. Just sort of hitch yourself over a little bit, not a big movement, just a very small movement of shifting like you’re trying to get more comfortable. Again, if you need to do this in real life to actually feel it before you imagine doing it, go ahead.

Now, in your mind’s eye swing your foot over the edge of the bed or place them both on the floor if you are sitting in your reclining chair. This is all in your head. Imagine that you are now going to stand up, all still in the imagination of your mind.

Because you are in a room that is known to you and with your eyes closed you could conceivably navigate slowly about the room, still sitting in your chair or lying upon your bed imagine that you are walking in that room. Go out into the hallway in your imagination. If your concentration flags and you miss noticing a couple of steps not to worry, walk on down the hallway and go into another room in your house, a room that you are familiar with; bathroom, kitchen, study, closet, it does not matter. The point here is that you are moving about your own house in your head. You are technically having an out of body experience right now.

As you become comfortable with this you can, in your mind’s eye, step outside of your front door and imagine yourself in flight. Fly around your neighborhood. Use the streets you know to navigate. Fly above the street lights. Fly to the mailbox. Fly to the store. Fly by work. When you are ready to come home just think of home and your bed or chair, and, you will be there. No getting locked out of the house when you are having an OBE. Boom, you are home again.

If you would like to go farther think of somebody you know. This works best in the beginning if you have actually seen their house. You can ask them for permission before hand to do an OBE experiment so that you don’t startle the crap out of them if you actually manage to somehow materialize in their kitchen or that they have a sense of you in their house and wonder where it came from. I think it is sort of like knocking first. Just ask permission to do it.

I once ended up in my sister’s kitchen in Washington state. We live in California. I moved in an OBE experience through her kitchen and into her living room before I was unable to hold the connection any longer. Happy trails.

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