Friday, June 16, 2006

A Nose for News

This is one of those stories, just a quick little story, to illustrate how little privacy a psychic actually has.  

And, for those of you with delicate sensibilities, forgo this post and read something else, for certainly all that you imagine true about psychics will be dashed to pieces in a few seconds.

I was picking my nose and one of the guides said, “It’s only a booger if it sticks to something.”  


Sue said...

My greatest fear would be being observed in the bathroom! Seriously, when we investigate homes where there is a haunting this seems to be the most common worry!

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Well, actually the Guides and Folk in Spirit don't give two hoots what we look like clothed or unclothed or even what we do in the bathroom. If you think about it the question to ask would be something along the lines of, "Is my Guardian Angel always looking out for me or do they avert their eyes when I'm taking a crap?" I don't think about it any more, though in the beginning it was a little odd.