Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Pauline, GS

This is totally unrelated to what I am doing now which is to find a drop down menu that you don’t have to click a button to make things happen.  Anyway, how I was diverted was to read that whoever had written this particular article had the letters MOS after their name.  I don’t know what MOS stands for, but, I thought I’d like to have some letters after my name and today they would be GS.  That’s grouchy secretary.  Just for today.  Pauline, GS.  Tomorrow, it might be RGS.  Really grouchy secretary.  I could be Pauline, POS.  That’s pissed off secretary.  Or, perhaps, FS.  Fat secretary for days when I’m feeling bloated and down in the dumps.  But, I think GS ought to cover most days.  Back to the menu.