Saturday, June 24, 2006


I’m working on a big project this morning.  I’m creating titles, headings and descriptions for each of my archived channelings.  And, I’m into a section about animals and our pets.  This was the piece:  

So, though there isn't necessarily a turtle heaven, a cat, a dog, a horse or a bird heaven, there are places where groups of animals congregate.  But there is also a passing back and forth to realms where there are the souls of people too.

I was puzzling over what to title this.  And, it came to me as a voice from spirit:  Woof Woof.  I knew that was one of our animals speaking.  So, to honor the particular dog that made the suggestion I named it Woof Woof.

Which leads me to a subject I delight in talking about.  Not only can we speak with Folks in Spirit who have passed on...or Folks in Spirit who’ve never even incarnated into body and therefore haven’t passed on, but are just in Heaven (somebody is holding their nose…I suppose I could have phrased that better…but, this is my life as a psychic in this blog, so I will relate how it all comes about…mostly, anyway)…Okay, a procedural thing.  Right off the bat I didn’t know why the guide was holding his nose.  Generally, when they do things like that I’ve either got it wrong or it stinks.  And, in this instance I knew I didn’t have it wrong because they were sort of flowing along for the ride as I was writing it…Spirit at my elbow sort of thing.  I could sense them there.  I knew they were there.  They weren’t talking so much as we were both sort of humming along on the same wave length.  But, when they started holding their nose I knew something wasn’t quite right.  

So, I had to sort of remove myself from what I was doing for a few seconds, quiet down, don’t take offense at the rather tacky gesture of nose holding and try to let the “real” message come to me.  And, it did.  I was being too stilted in how I was writing.  Too academic.  Too something.  I needed to loosen it up a little.  I needed to put on my Saturday morning, we’re going to the county fair today and I’m ready to have some fun hat.  That’s all.  Just loosen up a little.

Anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted what I was trying to say was that not everybody in Spirit has done the reincarnation thing.  A lot have.  There are others who haven’t.  I really can’t tell the difference other than sometimes it just feels higher.  Like there are levels in Heaven.  Anyway, not having a whole lot of experience about it I won’t go into it.  Mostly, it’s just my impressions and I could be wrong.  

In any case, you can talk to the animals in spirit too.  With me they’ve mostly all spoken to me in English.  I was really surprised when it first started happening.  I’ve even, on very rare occasions, been able to channel my cats who have not passed on…the ones who live with DeeDude and I.  That’s more difficult.  Once I remember one of them saying something about how there were the Inside Cats and the Outside Cats and to ask an Inside Cat to eat their dinner out on the patio was almost insulting.  Go figure, but it was important to them.

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