Sunday, September 17, 2006

Black Listed

Well, I’ve been black listed by Blog Explosion. They said I was too commercial. I don’t even sell anything. Figure I’ll re-apply a few months down the road and see if whoever put the jinx on my blog dried up and went away for awhile. Maybe I should start dabbling in spells. That would be an interesting sideline….some guide in the background is rubbing their hands together. I wonder what that means?


Anonymous said...

Ok Blog Explosion very clever. A blog by a psychic about her daily life with nothing for sale loads of free and generous advice and a sane responsible educational intent: commercial for sure. Ha!


M said...

You should conatct them and question that decision. My blog has been de-activated twice but both times they've had to admit that they got it wrong. Sloppy people with too much on their hands probably.