Friday, September 01, 2006

I Forgot

Being right, knowing what I am doing, knowing where I am, looking intelligent, looking like I know what I am doing is important for me.  When I find myself in a place where I am confused I tend to get irritated.  

Unfortunately, this state of being confused is happening to me more and more often these days.  I’m not sure why this is.  It might be age related.  It might be something that’s happening because of my diabetes or because of menopause.  Whatever the reason I sense this confusion and forgetfulness at times and it frustrates and frightens me.

One of the guides just said, “Shit happens”.  Well, yes.  That too.  Anyway, my point here is to try and look on the bright side and find something positive to focus in on from a psychic or from a spiritual standpoint or, at least, from a practical normal standpoint.  Yeah, I guess I should start with that first.  

Okay, to deal with it taking the frustration and fright away I think it would be manageable.  I can write notes to myself more often than I used to do.  Post it notes is what my father opted for.  My sister said he’d covered the kitchen cabinets with them.  So, that’s an option.  I could journal more often which would sort of be an emotional release and that would be helpful.  I could get one of those medic alert bracelets.  My husband has one on a necklace he wears all the time.  We pay a yearly subscription for it and if anything were to happen to him paramedics can key in the number on the medallion and find out all about him, name, address, doctor, condition and medications.  

But, I think getting better organized both at home and at work would do a great deal to settle my butt down.  I’ve got these big piles of partially finished projects all over the place that I should just devote 10 minutes a day to sorting through.  I can handle 10 minutes.  Ten minutes isn’t onerous.  Ten minutes isn’t even all the commercials added up from a half an hour television show.  I can handle 10 minutes.  So, if I were to spend the first 10 minutes of every day when I’m fresh to go through the piles I would be happier.

What’s going on here is a sort of mini resolution day.  It’s my birthday and I think of fresh starts and things like that.  So, I’m making a pact with myself.  This coming year I’m going to:

Floss every day
Use the Sonic Toothbrush everyday
Tend to my piles everyday for 10 minutes
Write in my journal once a day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes
Write down my dreams
Meditate every day
Do my exercises for eyes and body
Channel something everyday.

And, to that end we might wish you a happy birthday.  When a person who does not channel yearns to speak to a loved one who has passed on they might imagine in their hearts that person could hear them.  They might say, “Oh, if only Mother could hear me.  I’d tell her all about her grandson who has grown so in the years since she died.  I would tell her how I’m so much more confident in the work place.  I would tell her of all the things I used to when we talked on the telephone once a day.  I miss her so very much and want to talk to my mother again.”  So, we would say to that person that they should just imagine that they are speaking to their mother who is long gone these past nine years.  And, we would say to that person they can be assured their mother heard them.  Our blessings to all this day.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
#29 I presume?
from a secret Asheville admirer.

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Thanks! :)