Friday, September 15, 2006

Psychic Readings

Okay, here’s the really mysterious part about somebody reading your fortune. They’re using tea leaves or looking into a crystal ball, or peering into the innards of a chicken. It just doesn’t make any sense to you, but to them it makes perfect sense. How are they doing this? How can they look at something as ordinary as dirt or sand and come up with anything other than, “This is a pile of dirt”?

Here’s what I think. Or, at least, this is something that crossed my mind this morning. When you’re going to do a psychic reading you tap into another or a wider stream of consciousness than you normally operate in. Your normal stream of consciousness has a familiarity to it that allows you to take advantage of “gut” instinct or a “feeling” every so often. It’s not scary. You’re used to it. You’ve had it all your life. Also, there are known conditions that you apply to your decisions to do things. We all know it just isn’t always safe to go wandering the streets at 3:00 am. So, we don’t do it. Unless we are looking for trouble or what we feel might be excitement. If at 3:00 am you are awake and cannot go back to sleep you either lay there in bed, you get up and have some hot chocolate and watch television, or you fire up your computer and do something there. But, you don’t go pacing around outside in your bathrobe and slippers. Like I said certain no-brainer sorts of rules.

So, what if this stream of consciousness that you normally are aware of and are comfortable with was larger than usual? What if you were able to be so aware of your usual stream of consciousness than in being aware of it you realize that you’ve been going around really focused in on a particularly small aspect of it and that there is actually a whole lot more available for you to look at?

And, just to make it more familiar to us what if we were able to come up with a set of rules or guidelines to use as we move around this expanded stream of consciousness? Okay, here’s a rule that we are all aware of. Go outside and look at the sun directly for a long period of time and you’re going to hurt your eyes. Or, it’s raining and you go outside without a raincoat or an umbrella and you’re going to get wet. It’s not anything that we think of consciously. You either make the decision to stare at the sun or you don’t but you know what’s going to happen if you do.

What if just because we’re generally comfortable having rules and conditions in our lives we can extend that practice to when we are in an expanded stream of consciousness? We might pick up the new rules from somebody who is already dancing there and has figured out what to do to get certain returns on their inquiries. If it’s one thing we like I’m thinking we generally like to know where we are and what we are doing. So, a proven method of divination. And, you either learn from a book or from a person. When it looks like “this” it means one thing. When it looks like “that” it means another thing.

In the beginning it’s probably going to be sort of rote. It’s like dancing. You look at your feet for awhile before you really get into it and are ready to have fun. So, you have these “rules” that underlie the reading, but once you’re really familiar with it all you also begin to trust information that comes at you from no discernable source and doesn’t really fit into the “rules” you normally work with.

Part of this is to make a very conscious and obvious decision not to be afraid of the unknown. In the beginning weird stuff might come your way. It takes patience waiting for something interesting to “show” up. It takes trust on your part to “believe” the information that comes to you. Like, as I’m writing this I’ve slowed down considerably and am waiting for the “interesting” stuff to start happen. What I’m “getting” right now has nothing to do with what I’m writing, but rather with an example of the stuff that shows up. It’s a puppy. A crying puppy. I don’t know whose puppy it is. It’s not in distress so much as it’s just a crying puppy.

Okay, now I’m going to dip back in again. I take a deep breath and quiet myself. If I were doing a reading I’d be focusing in on the person I’m doing the reading for. Right now I’m just jumping into the wide river of consciousness to play. I sense snow now. A large expanse of white snow. Flat. Not snowing. It already snowed. It’s like a desert of snow. And, it’s cold.

It’s how you do when you pray at night for somebody who is hurting. You want to comfort them and you lay in bed praying for them. What you’re also doing is sending them loving energy, you’re sending healing energy to them. It’s their decision to accept that energy. You can’t make somebody feel better or heal. They have to do that. They go to the doctor. They take pills or talk to a therapist. But, you can offer your love to them. You do that via this stream of consciousness. Passing on the healing energy that’s out there for everybody, just passing it on to them.

There’s always something you can learn from somebody else whether they are a acknowledged psychic or not. Some have more rules than others. They’re all teachers. If you happen to go to a psychic don’t be afraid to ask them to describe what they are “seeing” for you. It’s how you learn this stuff.

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