Saturday, September 09, 2006


What is the difference between normal people and psychic people?  I really don’t think there is much difference.  I think that psychic people have just come to realize that there are quirky parts of how they are and they honor those things.  They seek out to encourage it rather than to repress it.

I think psychics are generally fearless people.  Normal people sometimes are immediately fearful of certain things.  I’ve met people who will immediately say that they would never in a million years touch a Ouija board.  I am puzzled.  The Ouija board is how I broke through to the other side.  The Ouija board was the tool I used to talk to Spirit.  The Ouija board is my friend.  Well.  Whatever.  I don’t use the Ouija board anymore because it’s too slow and I talk faster in my head.  

I’ve met people who frown upon meditation.  They say it’s too weird.  I am puzzled.  I can hardly do it enough.  Meditation is my friend.  Meditation is the tool I use to move to a centered place.  Meditation helps me to calm down.  Meditation helps me to pray.  Meditation is a good practice.

I’ve met people who didn’t want to have the Tarot read for them because they were afraid of what would be revealed.  I am puzzled.  They’re just cards.  They don’t cause the future.  They show you options.  You ask the advice of your friends readily enough.  You either discount that advice or you heed it.  Do the same with a Tarot reading.  They’re pretty complicated as it is.  The nuances of how each card is with the other are difficult to explain.  Nobody expects you to be expert at it right out of the bag.  Get a deck of cards.  Get a book.  And, pick ONE card.  That’s all.  Just one silly little card.  Read the definition in your book.  

I move with Spirit now.  Spirit is with me at work, at home, at play, in the grocery store, in line at the bank.  I am not alone ever.  Buds.  Best buddies.  I can’t see Spirit.  I hear Spirit.  Like the other day when I was watching an interview Johnny Depp gave to the Actor’s Studio.  He said having a child allowed him to suddenly see everything in focus.  He saw it then, the meaning of life.  And, my heart broke.  I don’t have children.  I’m 51 years old right now and I’ve never had children.  And, it hurt me again to hear his words.  I think I will always grieve for not having had children in this lifetime.  But, right then Ben came to me in Spirit.  Ben is my son from another lifetime.  He will comfort me when I feel like this, when I grieve not having had children.  Of course there are other children in Spirit, but Ben is the one who comes and who comforts me.  

Now, before I recognized that I was psychic I would not have had Ben to comfort me.  I would have been alone in my pain.  Having somebody in Spirit to talk to when you’re hurting doesn’t make the hurt go away, it just makes it easier to deal with.

If you aren’t willing to go that extra step to say that you’re psychic you can still have that same comfort by pretending that there’s somebody in Spirit who listens to you.  Just pretend.  I know you’re grown up.  I know only children pretend things, but pretending this one thing, whether it is God you are thinking of, or Jesus or Mohammed or Whoever, just pretend.  Pretend it’s your grandmother who passed on when you were 8 years old.  Pretend it’s Elvis.  Pretend it’s President Regan.  I don’t care who it is.  Just pretend somebody in Spirit cares for you.  I know in my heart that it is true.  Until you actually feel comforted you can pretend in your heart that it is true too.

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