Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sow Love - Channeled Info

When a person lives in fear they will much of the time act in a purely self defensive manner.  This means that the people around them better watch out.  Charity has no meaning other than a self serving way for a person who lives in fear.  How can you truly give if you feel in need yourself?  

What is the difference between a person who lives in fear and a person who does not?  Part of it is obvious in that a person who lives in a war torn land is necessarily self serving.  There is a sense of self preservation that exceeds all other expectations in their life.  But, for people who do not live in times of war, what of them?  Well, there is crime and crime is certainly rampant.  There is hardly a place on the face of the earth that has not seen the evidence of one crime or another.  What about people who live there?  Self serving, all of them.  Always look out for Number one.  It is a complaint made of much of society.  Me first is what is said of the various generations that come along.

But, you know that you have met people who are not self serving all the time.  You know of generous people.  You know of those who would allow harm to come to them rather than to allow someone they feel needs to be protected to be hurt.  

It starts with love.  You can only boss yourself.  You can’t change anybody else.  If there are times you do your own personal soul searching and find yourself wanting because you ignored the pain of another, or perhaps you looked the other way when you saw an injustice occur knowing full well that someone would be harmed somewhere along the way, perhaps you can allow bygones to be bygones and resolve that you will mend your ways.  Now.

If you need help pray for it.  If you have an addiction stop buying drugs, or alcohol, or indulging in harmful behaviors.  Seek help.  And, don’t ask for the sympathy from those who do not know how to help you.  You know who can help.  Your family has put up with your behavior for years.  They are, in a sense, likely encouraging it or at least enabling you toward your addiction.  So, you get help from whoever you know will help you and pay for it if need be.  

Put yourself on the right road.

If you are mean of spirit seek the reason why.  Again, ask for help.  There are wounds deep inside you that only you can uncover and allow to heal in the light.  You, not anybody else.

As you heal resolve to be charitable toward those who are in need.  It might seem odd when you first begin, but with practice it will become easier and then likely become second nature to you.  

You don’t need to reek of goodness.  You need only turn your face to the sun and ask that you serve.

Ask yourself what one thing you can do that would improve the lot of others.  

As you move toward a life of serving you will slowly begin to notice that you do not live in fear as you did before.  It is a natural offshoot of generosity.  The energy you emanate will touch those you help and they will come to a time when they are able to help others as well.  It is through the support of those around you that we will all be healthier in the generations to come.  The seeds of our future good survival begin with you.  Sow peace where you can.  Sow love and we will all reap the rewards hundreds of years from now.  

Thank you and our blessings to you.

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