Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ask - Channeling

I’m going to turn this over to the Guide in attendance. I’m not sure who it is. But, there’s always somebody there to talk, to say something.

Blessings. In this time of strife and hopefulness of the season, wanting peace and yet living in the midst of strife seems a great contradiction. Generally, at other times of the year you live in stress filled times and are on guard against the “bad” things that come to threaten you. However, during holy days whether celebrated in temples or in churches or mosques the expectation is that other’s hearts will be as full of spirit as your own feel full. Sadly, this is not always the case and you will see tragedies happen, clustering together. A person, depressed with their circumstances, goes over the edge and in seeking ease from the hurt they feel will sometimes lash out around them affecting others in their blaze of glory on their way out and off this plane of existence.

Does this mean you should only be half filled with the spirit of the day? For some this would be the ideal situation, a more mature and responsible attitude to take. We would certainly not count religious in this for they are hopelessly entwined with Spirit and can never come undone to accept reality.

So, during the holy seasons you move closer to a place where Spirit can be a tangibly felt part of your life. You really feel God in your heart for a few hours or days. You open your heart and God, the Holy Spirit, streams in to fill every nook and cranny. And, then, once the holy days are over you revert to your normal hedonistic self. Now, you are cautious again against those who would seek to do you harm.

Sounds off balance to me.

But, the feeling persists that if you give over to Spirit and allow God into your heart that you are leaving your flanks and rear vulnerable to attack.

Think on it this way and see if you don’t begin to reconsider your position. You are not backing yourself into the corner during the celebrations of Holy Days. “Bad” things are going to happen to you and to others regardless of your state of mind. You do not have to be ever vigilant. There is a way to allow Spirit into your life on a constant basis and still fulfill your obligations to the world around you.

Just ask. Just make the invitation. Just make the commitment. Nothing formal. Silently and with your heartfelt voice say, “I’ve been lonely. Sometimes I need some help. I’m tired of doing this alone. Will you be with me? Will you help? Thank you.”

That’s all.

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