Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Well, I had a premonition the other day. I awakened with the knowledge that our furnace was going to break. And, it did. About 10 minutes later.

It originally broke last March. It wasn’t until about three months ago, or so, that we got a new one put in. The only problem was that it would occasionally make a big KaBoom noise and if the light was dim enough you’d see a flash of light as a fire ball traveled up the length of the furnace. The first time it happened I was walking right beside it. I was so shocked that I crashed into the wall. Good thing I wasn’t holding a cup of coffee.

And, as things mechanical do, it wouldn’t do the KaBooming noise when our landlady or the furnace guy came to look at it. He came one Saturday last month and spent all day with it. I think what had happened was that the KaBoom was strong enough to blow out the pilot light. He got it lit again, but couldn’t figure out why we were having the mini explosion. My thought is that it was some sort of delayed ignition or something like that.

Plan B is that we will go find another furnace guy who can fix it.

Now, my other thought is with the premonition. Though I’m not thrilled that our furnace is not working (DeeDude got us another space heater from Costco, so I think we’re not going to freeze our patooies off), I was thrilled to have had advance warning about it. It was not a random thought. It was a real definite knowingness that it would happen. And, I was not alarmed about it. This, to me, is what being psychic is about. I’d like to have more things like that happening.

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