Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our New Store

Not something I’d actually planned on doing, but I am pleased with what shook out as I created an on-line Amazon store for Talking to Spirit. So far, I’ve got it divied up into 3 sections. The first has to do with channeling, spiritual growth and head scratching and motivational stuff. The other sections are for 2 of my favorite writers, Diana Gabaldon and Jayne Ann Krentz. The only thing that sort of bugs me is I’ve never worked with an iframe before and this is 4000 whatzits long. Most of the time it just makes the page longer, but sometimes as you move into a more detailed description of the book it gets used up with reviews and comments. I made it scroll, but that was too confusing. What I’d like is for it to shrink and grow as necessary. I’ll have to keep looking for the solution to that one, but for now: We have an Amazon Store!

For the rest of the day I’m planning on easy things. Clean up some more in the study, do some ironing, make brownies and buy the fixings for dinner. We’re going to have our special dinner today rather than tomorrow because I’ve got to work half a day. I’d like to make schwine schnitzel, but if they don’t have boneless pork chops I’ll get some steaks, pound them out and make us country fried steak instead.

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Salihah סליחה صالحه said...

Surfed in off BlogMad...I loved your daily channeling note. I'll be doing that all evening, it feels restful and good. Peace and love for the New Year!