Thursday, January 04, 2007


I would really like to have something interesting to tell you about. I’d like to be witty. I’d like to be interesting. I’d like to be mysterious. I’d like to be intriguing. I’d like to be sexier than hell. I’d like to be so funny you’d wet your pants at the stuff I said. However, I’m not. I am, instead, red.

It happened at work. We were stuck away in a small office counting and the heat was turned on pretty good. It’s one of those places where the controls are somewhere else and with what we were doing it wasn’t worth our while to go find and fiddle with them. Just get the job done and get out of there so we can go back to our regular place to work.

I found out I was red when I went to the restroom and looked in the mirror. Holy Smokes! It was like I’d been out in the sun for 10 hours my face was that red. Not splotchy at all, just totally beet red.

Either it was the heat or my blood pressure was up. Maybe it was my first honest to Pete hot flash? I’m 51. I’m supposed to be having something like that going on aren’t I?

Anyway, it’s okay now.

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