Friday, February 16, 2007

How Many Guides Do I Have?

It depends. I would certainly say more than one. They trade off shifts working with you. Maybe you’ll have one guide from the time before you’ve been conceived. Then, they are there for you while you’re in your mother’s womb. Same one or different one when you’re born? Maybe when you’re six years old you get a new one. When you’re in your teens another one. Maybe two there. (The guides are laughing at me.) Maybe as an adult the first one you had comes back again. Who knows? It’s all different. But, you definitely do not have the same guide throughout the years of your life. Did somebody tell you that you have a lot of guides? That’s nice. Maybe you’re such a hard nut to crack that you need a team of them. I’m teasing. It’s okay to have one guide at a time. It’s okay to have a bunch of them. It doesn’t make you a better or lesser person.

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