Thursday, February 15, 2007

Readings for Links

Once upon a time I had 90 links for Talking To Spirit in Google. I looked this morning and they’ve knocked it down to 25. Wonderful. So, there’s a project. Generally, I hate going out looking for links. This time I’m going to pay for them. Sort of. I don’t have the ready cash to spend, but I do have the ability to give a mini-reading. I need a text link on a Google page rank 2 or better site. No porn, please. I’ll reciprocate with a reading, or if you’d prefer a reciprocal link instead. I can’t guarantee a spot on my home page, but, I’ve got many other pages at my disposal. Also, there are the blogs where we can get links going. The reading will be about one page typewritten that I will email to you. It will mostly be channeled information.

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