Friday, February 23, 2007

Will I Get Married?

One of the reasons a person might go to a psychic is to get reassurance on something they are contemplating doing. The psychic will, likely, see either rocky road or smooth sailing, but in both cases it is still what you plan to do that is the more important event. Based on a pscyhic’s advice of, “no” would you not marry somebody you are in love with?

Every relationship is occasionally beset with rocky roads as the two people learn to live as a couple. You learn to forgive, you learn understanding, you learn compassion, but eventually the association is going to settle into the ordinariness of everyday living. Granted, there are areas of concern with somebody who has or who develops a substance abuse problem, or with someone who has trouble taking care of their money. But, they either eventually get help, the couple stays in relationship even though one of them or both are unhappy, or the couple splits. In the first instance there is a constructive and creative attempt to address the situation. In the middle example we’re all stuck. In the final example the solution is to break off the association and start new lives. Is one better than any of the other choices? No. They are what you’ve chosen to do. Are there repercussions? Certainly. Are you willing to pay the price? That’s your decision.

Based on someone else’s recommendation, what would you do?

I suppose, if you were going to ask a friend for their advice about your upcoming or contemplated nuptials you could also go to a psychic and ask their advice too. My advice? Don’t ask either one of them. This is an incredibly important decision that demands your complete attention. This is one of those things you have to do by yourself and it is one of those things that you just cannot blame on somebody else. Make the decision and then take the responsibility to nurture and care for the relationship.

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