Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fear Sucks

We can get as complicated as you want to get, as convoluted and as intricately impossible as you want to get, but it really, I think, boils down to one thing. Fear.

If you have a plant it’s going to grow toward the light. If it is sitting with one half of it in darkness and the other half exposed to light it’s going to twist and turn until it’s facing the light.

Here we sit afraid. Fear drives so many of the things that we do. Fear prevents us from being adventurous, fear encourages us to stay stuck in ruts. Fear sucks.

Fear sprouts. It grows these twisting tentacles that search for more and better fodder in your psyche to feed upon. It’s like a cancerous growth. And, how do your feel? You’re afraid and the quality of your life is, if not just humdrum, horrible. If fear sucks, so does your life.

So, what can you do about it? Not be afraid? That’s easier said than done. I think if you show the least little bit of courage and say to yourself that you want to see the fear, that you want to confront your fear you will be on the road to a life you can direct yourself. At least, more of it.

Close your eyes. Say a little prayer silently saying you are going to be embarking upon an inward journey in the next few moments and that you’d like an assist from God or your higher self or your guardian angel. Whoever, just somebody from Spirit to point the way. Because this sucks and you could use a friend here.

And, they said to me, “Little steps.” Well, that’s fine. I can manage little steps.

Now, relax. Or, try to. And sit back and allow the fear to come to you. A fear. Not all of them. Not all at once. Just one. The one that you are most prepared to look at.

Know that you are strong. Know that you are well prepared to look at things that are not going to send you screaming into the night. You are a big person now. You are adult in your outlook and not fanciful and you can handle this. Allow the fear to surface from the quietude you have thrown yourself into.

You float. You are not on edge. You are safe. You are embarking on an inward journey, a meditative way to look at something that is preventing you from achieving what it is that you want. Right now.


Change is not difficult. Change happens all the time. The world is in flux. There is movement all around you. Your place in the universe is also changing, but have you ever once lost your way? Have you ever once not really known what to do? Even if you want advice from someone else and you ask it you make up your own mind of what to do. So, the fact that there are others in your life who have elected to upset the applecart, so to speak, is threatening to you. Why is this? That is the fear to go looking for.

Now, that you have a focus in on what it is again relax and allow whatever it is in your unconscious that is demanding your attention to come forward.

As a child moving so often. The compensations were that your family drew closer together. Except that was not really the case. Being entirely dysfunctional the drawing together of all of these fine people caused the children to fear. All of you. This results in a resistance to change. This results in the ways of staying the course even when that course no longer serves you.

Have faith that all will be well. Look to the proverbial silver lining and know that your husband will find a better way for him to express himself with his writing. He will find a more appreciative audience and consequently will be happier. Be open to the idea that this particular change is good and that you need not spend as much time worrying about it as you have in the past few weeks. All will be well with it.

Well, yikes. Pauline back again. I feel better.

Do this for yourself. The part that the guides channeled for me? Maybe you’ll get one to do it for you, or just take over and do it yourself. You can. Have a nicer day.

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