Friday, March 09, 2007

The Spirit Moved Me

I am totally amazed. When I got my own domain for this site in July, 2006 I didn’t have the foresight to do a redirect on the template or at least a notice that I’d moved the site on the last entry. So, there it languished. Like it had died in July, 2006. And, when people got to the site via the blogspot address from whatever searches they’d done on the search engines they didn’t go any farther. When I realized what I’d done I was dismayed and wrote in a panic to the Bloggers that Be. They ignored me for awhile and finally I got an answer to my third request that they were too busy rolling out the new Beta Blogger to bother with my problem.

I got over it eventually and life went on.

Until a few weeks ago when I wrote again. Persistence gets me places. Anyway, I got an email from Karl at Blogger tonight and he said the old site should be available to me again. Turns out the whole thing is fine. What I don’t know and this entry will be the key to discover if new entries are duplicated with the blogspot address too.

So, and we’re back in business again.

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