Sunday, October 14, 2007

Have Their Eyes Glazed Over Yet? If Not, Keep Talking.

Most of us are regular people. We’re not famous. We’re not movers or shakers. We’re just folks. But, what we have to say, I think, is important. So, getting to the point is also important.

Figuring along with a 30 second commercial (at least the ones I still understand) they say right up front what it is that they want you to know about.

My husband, for years, has constantly yammered at me, “The short version, please.” Irritating? Yes. Pointless? No.

So, next time you’ve got to tell somebody something, rather than explain all the in’s and out’s, the wherefore’s and why’s of the matter, just state your case. Then, if it’s a woman you’re talking to you might be able to go into more detail. If it’s a man you’re talking to stop. It’s how we’re wired differently.

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kazam said...

So true, I have the same problem and get so frustrated when their eyes do glaze over. My husband is always asking for the readers digest condensed version.

I want to add I REALLY like your website. It is my first time here but I will be back. God Bless