Friday, February 29, 2008

A Few Moments Talking to Somebody in Spirit

The weekend is moving in and I begin to feel the creative juices start to bubble. Well, let’s just say I’m in a better mood than I was on Monday. When I was a kid one of the highlights of the week was getting to stay up late. This pleasure has not changed and on Friday evening I think to myself that if I were to stay up until 11 pm it would not matter too much since I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to work the next day.

Okay, so let me move with this thread of pleasure.

Why is it so cool to stay up late? Well, as an adult I can sit here at the computer and surf blogs at Blog Explosion earning lots of credits. I can look at my e-mail, which hasn’t been all that interesting of late, but I look at it anyway. Or, I could settle the wide butt down and do some serious writing.

Okay, since I’m writing now does this constitute serious writing? I don’t think so. This is one step up from writing a grocery list.


Because it’s not all that interesting. Are we having a conversation?


Good Morning.

Good Morning to you too, Dear. Now people will start to be confused.

Yeah, I guess. I think I’d better go get dressed.

Why? It’s only 5:30. You’ve actually got another half an hour before you need to be in the shower.

Well, yes, you do have a point.

I thought the idea of the weekend approaching was an excess of creative energy. Or all you all talk and no do?

No do?

No do.

I guess I’m all talk.

Don’t be snippy, Dear.

Is this Mom?




Should I keep guessing?

No. You’d never guess in a million years anyway.

Okay. Well, what would you like to talk about?

Are you ready?

Well, probably not, but I do type pretty fast occasionally, so maybe I could keep up with you.

Dear, if you haven’t learned anything you know we keep pace with you.

Well, there is that. You know I could raise that point in the channeling blog. I haven’t written anything there in awhile.

True. Perhaps it is time to have a better idea where you would like all your creative energies to be directed?

Okay…yesterday I got all my jewelry making stuff out to show Phil. I said to Dennis that maybe I’d work on that this weekend. Only there’s so much of it and it’s spread all over the place and once I’ve got it all out to look at I get antsy because now the place looks like a tornado hit. So, I need to get organized with it. I need a place where everything is pretty much together and all I have to do is to open a drawer to have access to the neat stuff I want to use.

What else?

I think that’s enough for the weekend.

I think not.

Okay, the website. I’ve gotten a few emails for suggestions on links. The only problem is none of them are offering a return link.

So, ignore them. What else?

I want to decide where to go with my blogs. I’d like to have one blog at Talking to Spirit. There’s so much energy that goes into the blogs, but the readership at them is nothing like what happens at Talking to Spirit. If there were a way to get the readers at Talking to Spirit into a blog I think they’d be happier.

Perhaps you could offer to attend chat.


Yes, Oh.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Knot In Her Stomach

This is a question that came to me via email today:

I was wondering if you could help me to understand this feeling that I get when something bad is going to happen. I get this sharp pain in my stomach that gets worse as it gets closer to what is going to happen. The problem is that I never know who,where,when,or how. I just get this general feeling like there is going to be a car accident. However, I noticed that when I was little they were more detailed but over the years with everyone telling me that I am crazy or that I am lying I have seemed to lose that strong feeling. So my question for you is what is that feeling and what can I do to be able to understand it better to help the people around me? I do know that this is a good thing and I am not afraid of it any more. And I do know that it s real and I am not crazy!!!! If there is anything that you can do to help I would greatly appreciate it.

My answer:

As people get older they also mature. As you have matured it isn't so much getting used to people calling you a liar or calling you crazy that has eased the stomach pains, but you maturing and not being afraid of every little thing.

Understand that you cannot stop all bad things from happening. That's life. So, why are you being warned of them? Maybe the end result is not that you be a harbinger of doom but more that you are a sensitive open to information from other sources.

When I first began to do past life regressions the predominant things I kept seeing was me dying. I asked the guides why this was. I was getting tired of seeing myself dangling from a hang man's noose or blown up on a battle field. They told me there is a great deal of energy associated with death bed events. They said for me to remember that people have happy moments in their lives too and the next time I go into a past life regression I should bear that in mind and ask to see a happier moment from one of my other lifetimes.

It worked.

So, what you've been picking up on are the events that have a lot of negative energy associated with them.

What you can do is to become more sensitive. The best way to do this is to heal yourself emotionally and psychologically. I'm not saying you are crazy. I'm saying everybody the world over can pay attention to their own spiritual and psychological growth. We've all got neuroses that we learn to cope with and move with through our lifetimes. Everybody knows not to ask Marsha to a big party because she just doesn't like crowds. Well, guess what? Marsha can use with some psychological work to figure that one out. Or, just not go to big parties for the rest of her life.

You as a sensitive are being hit with more than the normal person.

What can you do with this talent? Well, if you ease up on the horrible things happening and become more open to what's going on in a person's life I think you'd make a terrific psychic reader. But, you'd need to stop being afraid. When you are no longer afraid you are going to be able to be open to other significant events in people's lives than just the huge roller coaster things that really don't matter anyway. Like the guides told me once if you're supposed to be in the middle of an earthquake your higher self will arrange that you be there. These are your lessons and you can't take them away.

Actually, I think that is terrific to have a signal from your body about these events. Not being afraid is going to ease that pain to a clenching that will as the years go by just be a really dandy signal for you to use to know that you are correct about something going on. Try taking it to Las Vegas and see if it works there too!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman

Yesterday I was flipping around with the remote and happened upon a sort of internet news show. They were talking about a blog that is hugely personal, extremely interesting and so far out in the country the nearest store is 25 miles away. I’ve added Confessions of a Pioneer Woman to my blog roll and invite you to have a visit to Ree's blog. Right now I am riveted by her photography. This lady is a must read. Enjoy.

A Question About Dreams

Here's a question I received via email:

If I dream about people I don't know, does that mean I used to know them long time ago? Why do I dream of other peoples pets?

My answer:
Dreams fulfill all sorts of needs for people. Basically and most importantly they are a way for the person to process their own stuff. So, even when you think a dream might be of others or prophetic in some way look first to see if there isn't some meaning for you personally in the dream.

After you have examined whether a dream is a personal message for you and decided that it was not then go after the idea that maybe these are folks who are visiting you or who you knew from long ago.

So, yes, it can happen that you are dreaming of people you knew in other lifetimes. It can also happen that you are exploring connections you have (everybody has them) with folks you don't personally know who with you are working on some sort of lifelong project. In the Michael teachings they explain that we do have these connections. They've told me that the person I am working with is a female presently living in China. I don't know her personally. Could be she and I get together occasionally in dreams to compare notes. Who knows? It sounds logical to me.

My advice would be since you have expressed an interest in your dreams is to begin keeping a dream journal. Keep a little notepad beside your bedside and before you go to bed promise yourself that you are going to awaken after your dreams and record a bit of them. What you record is nothing more than a couple of words. No detailed explanations. It is in the morning when you fill in the gaps. Those three words you recorded at 3 am will be enough to remind you what the dream was about. And, not spending a whole lot of time doing this at 3 am will ensure that you're not going to awaken anybody who is sharing your bed and you are not going to rouse yourself so much that you can't go back to sleep easily. Maybe keep a little book light next to the bed so you don't have to even turn on the bigger bedside light.

It might also take a week of the promising bit before you actually begin to awaken after your dreams to do the recording. I know with me that's what happens.

So, once you are in the practice of keeping a dream journal you might also notice that you're actually recording more than one dream a night. Good.

And, the next step would be to read, "Lucid Dreaming" by Stephen LeBerge. It didn't take me until I was just half way through reading the book myself when I began having lucid dreams. That is like going from riding the merry-go-round to flying along on a roller coaster. Big difference and a fantastic dream for sure.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lion Dancing

Here's a picture of the Lion Dancing they had near our house last weekend to celebrate Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rat.

Think Yourself Thin

Here's a question I got in my email today.

Question: I would like to know if exercise is truly required by the body. If our thoughts create our reality, why can't I just "think" myself thin?

My Answer: Yes, you can think yourself thin. A friend of mine is a psychotherapist and he is a firm believer of affirmations. He has told me on many occasions that if you begin with an affirmation like, "I notice my food behaviours" said 200 or more times a day that you can actually begin the process of losing weight. You can check out what he's written at:

Friday, February 22, 2008


I want to take a moment to commemorate the day. It’s 2/22 and 222 is my own magic number. I started seeing it as the prelude to becoming obviously psychic back when this first started.

On 2/12/93 I started channeling with the Ouija board. Ten days later on 2/22/93 I heard Seth’s voice for the first time. Fifteen years ago. Today.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

In Answer to Crystal's Question

Crystal, a reader, asked a question in one of the comments to my entry of, "Becoming Psychic". My answer got too long so I figured I'd just post it here:

Here's a part of her question: Because of our free will, when you do talk with a psychic, can't the time line be changed on any event that hasn't happened? Does that make any sense? Say you'll meet whoever in one year. Or you'll move in 2 months.(This from a psychic.) Can't our free will affect that? I do believe in the psychic ability and I love to read about it as well. But I was just wondering about it and thought i'd ask someone who knew.

Hi Crystal. Thanks for asking. In answer to your question about times offered up during psychic readings, I think time would be a fluid sort of thing. It might happen that in the two months given to meet someone the meeting was actually in line at a grocery store, just a brief and passing thing, and the real meeting is going to be six months down the road. You didn’t notice the first one, but when the second one comes you definitely notice it.

Also, the idea of moving to a different place. So, physically moving satisfies something for you. So, might moving something deep within your heart. It's like you could really be happy anywhere. You're not there now, but imagine if you could be happy living in a dump or you could be happy living in a cute little cottage. It's your choice. If the psychic sees you moving in two months maybe what they are seeing is you finally moving through some psychological crap to a place where you are not unhappy anymore living in your little dump. What before irritated the crap out of you. You hated the drapes. You hated the paint on the walls. You hated the neighbors. You hated everything about the place. Now? You're in a better place in your head and heart where the same crappy little dump doesn't look so bad anymore. Now you like it. You didn't move physically. You moved in your head and heart. Saves on first and last.

I believe what a psychic sees in the future would be possible events. Of the one seen there could be six others that might, instead, come to pass. Each one of those six different possible events could be the one you need to satisfy the lesson being learned. And, your free will always overrides everything said.

Also, it might happen that for whatever reason you are meeting this person in two months maybe you have satisfied the requirements to meet that person already. Maybe you did the lesson that person is there to teach you and there is no need anymore for you to meet. That’s a possibility too.

Think of it this way. Here you are newly born into the world. You’ve come armed with a list of things to do during that lifetime. You decided to do these things when you were disincarnate and in Heaven. You had the help of guides and spiritual leaders to assist you. It was a sort of a committee action with you at the helm. So, here you are in human body now with a plan.

Except, you’re also enjoying being human. Being human brings free will. And, you can say no if you want to. Saying no to one or any of the things on your list is not going to disqualify you from the race. It merely moves the item onto the next list for the next lifetime. It might also be harder to accomplish during that lifetime.

So, here you’ve got “A” to do. There isn’t just one way to do, “A”. There could be 16 different ways to do, “A”. You could do, "A" slowly, nibbling away at it over the course of 10 years. Or, you could do, “A” fast. You could do a little bit of, “A” and have the rest of it hanging over for next lifetime.

But, somewhere along the line you’re going to do, “A”. And, many times one lifetime just isn’t long enough to learn about those things on our list. Maybe the idea is to learn about compassion. To fully explore the subject of compassion you really need to learn about it from both the receiver’s end and the giver’s end. Do one in one lifetime and the other in another, maybe. It’s just too big a subject.

And, I also believe that when you get into the mode of higher self, that higher self seems to think the most unimportant to us details are really important. I think our higher selves like to look at everything. Everything is important. I think. It’s like slapping paint onto a canvas and calling it a picture or spending six months painting that picture, waiting for the light, drawing preliminary drawings, really getting into the picture.

Also, I think what happens during a psychic reading when they tell you that something is going to happen within a certain timeframe, just knowing about it alters it. It’s like the idea that the experimenter changes the experiment by having expectations of the outcome. Anyway, suddenly you’re so on edge waiting for something to happen that you affect it and it doesn’t happen. Somehow. These are all conjectures on my part. I don’t know for sure. I’m just guessing. But, I can remember getting the psychic readings and wondering why things didn’t happen.

The best way to move through all of this? I think trying to figure out what your higher self has in mind for things to do this lifetime might be of interest. And, how to do that?

One step? Deal with your psychological issues. Just deal with them. If you’re stuck somewhere get some help. Don’t let the issues last for years. The better the place you are in psychologically the quicker and more effectively you’re going to be able to address your list of things to do this lifetime. And, I believe your quality of life is going to improve dramatically. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time and effort to enjoy a boat load of rewards with this step.

Another step? Don’t be afraid. Fear steps in and halts progress towards all sorts of goals.

So, the long way around to answer part of your question about times given in psychic readings. Yes, you have free will and can affect them.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Seeing Clearly

I can remember as a kid a common entry in my year book at the end of the year was, “Don’t ever change”. If I hadn’t changed I think my life would have been rather boring. Though, perhaps if it had been boring I would have liked it in any case. Who knows? Anyway, I’m glad I’m not the same way I was when I was 14 years old.

I am sorry to have lost my 24 inch waist, but that’s another story. I think in the last 15 years I’ve made great strides with my own life as far as clearing out psychological gunk that was miring me down. It’s not all cleared up, but at least I made a commitment and am doing things as they come up. Bit by bit. Friends might tell me I could work a bit quicker at it, but slow and steady is my usual pace.

It’s interesting, too, for me to discover that I don’t need to be “completely cured” in order to have made a definitely noticeable difference in my own life. And, if I am in a better place it makes sense that I can be of better assistance to others.

So, if you go to a psychic and what they tell you sounds strange just take it with a grain of salt. They are no different than you or me and it is just their neuroses showing up. What they are telling you is the truth as they perceive it. It’s just shining through a bit of psychological gunk.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dennis and the Flower He Gave Me - Cropped and Treated with XaraX1

I just upgraded my version of XaraX. I bought it years ago and have used it quite a bit in creating banners and other wonderful things for my websites. Lo and behold here comes in the mail an offer to upgrade to XaraX1. This one has the ability to crop photos. This is what I've been looking for. So, I downloaded it. There are incredible tutorials available and I am already pleased I did this. Check them out at XaraX

Into Great Silence

“Into Great Silence” is a movie about a group of Carthusian monks in the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse in the French Alps. This monastery is considered to be one of the most ascetic in the world. There is very little talking. Mostly, it is the monks praying in Latin. There are very few subtitles. They are not needed as no one is talking much.. It is as if they don’t know we are there to see them at the work they do. Simple. Silent. Very moving.

It’s what a monk does. He prays. All day long. But, also the chopping of wood. The sewing of robes. The growing of vegetables.

..One of my favorite scenes was one of the monks visiting with the cats in the barn. He sang to them, he played with them. There were times when they had free time together and I was astounded to hear them talking and laughing after having had so much silence with the rest of the movie. They even went sliding down a hill side in the snow.

The monks range in age from young men, to middle aged men, to very old men. It almost brought me to tears to see the love and care they give to each other.

But, mostly it was the silence. It was interesting to me that I fidgeted about in the beginning just as I had when I first learned to meditate and everything seemed to itch at once. But, as with my practice of meditation the figeting I experienced eased. Shortly, I settled into the silence as well. Their way of life opened to me and I was able to experience the silence of God with them in a small way. It took me 3 days to see the entire movie. It is four hours long. I’m glad I spent the time.

I watched it as a streaming download from Netflix. The DVD has additional information about the making of the film.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Becoming Psychic

Nothing changes. Not much anyway.

When we were kids we hung out with other kids. I suppose some of us were loners. But, at some point I think everybody must have hung out with somebody for awhile. I had years of being a loner, but there were a few places where we lived where I did cultivate some friendships. What I experienced was that we mostly all wanted to be like each other. There was no room in our groups for people who were not like how we were. We’d make fun of the others and although they had their own friends and groups they hung out with they did not seek to be friends with us.

So, this brings up an interesting point.

To get psychic you can hang out with other psychic people. It is a sort of contagious condition. Most times it is difficult to run across people who will say they are flat out psychic in “real life”. I don’t really have anybody who is seeking me out at the present time other than the odd internet connection every once in awhile. I don’t go around with a sign hanging off of me saying that I’m psychic either. However, I hope that with whatever I can teach about the condition I am also furthering your desire for it.

It’s actually pretty cool. You can say to people quite often, “Wow. I was just thinking about you.” That’s sort of low key, but it’s psychic. Actually, everybody has this ability. Your job, though, should you accept this quest is to go after it in a big way.

Actually, this bit that I’m writing right now is sort of meandering aimlessly about. I don’t really have a point to make other than if you want to be psychic hang out with psychic people. If you live in the middle of a corn field and really can’t say there’s anybody obviously psychic around you start reading books by psychics. Learn from them what it feels like to be psychic and what they use their psychic gifts for. Some are psychic detectives. Some help others over the rough spots in their lives. Some draw. Some create music. Some write. You can use your psychic gifts in any field. It’s the edge you can give yourself. It’s knowing yourself a little better. It’s honoring yourself fully.

It’s not being afraid.

Go get a few psychic readings from different psychics just to see what they say. Don’t pin a whole lot on it. If it strikes you as something valid then honor it. If it’s sort of confusing or off in any way, then don’t be bothered with it. Remember it for future though. Many times they see things a far ways away. I got a reading once where what was said didn’t come to pass for 5 years.

Sometimes I just sort of dip into the psychic state. It’s like relaxing into a warm bath. Like tonight I did it and I sensed my mother’s presence. I felt her arms go around me and I laid my head upon her shoulder. It had been awhile and I just fell to pieces. Fourteen years since she died and to be able to have her that close to me is a joy. So, for a few minutes here, while I typed this essay I was able to be with my mother again. Now, in my opinion that’s the best thing being psychic can get you.