Friday, February 01, 2008

Becoming Psychic

Nothing changes. Not much anyway.

When we were kids we hung out with other kids. I suppose some of us were loners. But, at some point I think everybody must have hung out with somebody for awhile. I had years of being a loner, but there were a few places where we lived where I did cultivate some friendships. What I experienced was that we mostly all wanted to be like each other. There was no room in our groups for people who were not like how we were. We’d make fun of the others and although they had their own friends and groups they hung out with they did not seek to be friends with us.

So, this brings up an interesting point.

To get psychic you can hang out with other psychic people. It is a sort of contagious condition. Most times it is difficult to run across people who will say they are flat out psychic in “real life”. I don’t really have anybody who is seeking me out at the present time other than the odd internet connection every once in awhile. I don’t go around with a sign hanging off of me saying that I’m psychic either. However, I hope that with whatever I can teach about the condition I am also furthering your desire for it.

It’s actually pretty cool. You can say to people quite often, “Wow. I was just thinking about you.” That’s sort of low key, but it’s psychic. Actually, everybody has this ability. Your job, though, should you accept this quest is to go after it in a big way.

Actually, this bit that I’m writing right now is sort of meandering aimlessly about. I don’t really have a point to make other than if you want to be psychic hang out with psychic people. If you live in the middle of a corn field and really can’t say there’s anybody obviously psychic around you start reading books by psychics. Learn from them what it feels like to be psychic and what they use their psychic gifts for. Some are psychic detectives. Some help others over the rough spots in their lives. Some draw. Some create music. Some write. You can use your psychic gifts in any field. It’s the edge you can give yourself. It’s knowing yourself a little better. It’s honoring yourself fully.

It’s not being afraid.

Go get a few psychic readings from different psychics just to see what they say. Don’t pin a whole lot on it. If it strikes you as something valid then honor it. If it’s sort of confusing or off in any way, then don’t be bothered with it. Remember it for future though. Many times they see things a far ways away. I got a reading once where what was said didn’t come to pass for 5 years.

Sometimes I just sort of dip into the psychic state. It’s like relaxing into a warm bath. Like tonight I did it and I sensed my mother’s presence. I felt her arms go around me and I laid my head upon her shoulder. It had been awhile and I just fell to pieces. Fourteen years since she died and to be able to have her that close to me is a joy. So, for a few minutes here, while I typed this essay I was able to be with my mother again. Now, in my opinion that’s the best thing being psychic can get you.


Donna said...

I had a reading with Sylvia Browne in '06. Only one thing has come true so far...and this is the Bible there's really no one close around. I read...lots...And I read you...which is always a joy for me. Thanks for just being here...

Crystal said...

Hi, I jumped over from Donna's blog. Well, that and she's my mom;o) I read this post and wanted to ask you a question. I don't know if you reply to these comments but i'll ask anyway.

Because of our free will, when you do talk with a psychic, can't the time line be changed on any event that hasn't happened? Does that make any sense?

Say you'll meet whoever in one year. Or you'll move in 2 months.(This from a psychic.) Can't our free will affect that? I do believe in the psychic ability and I love to read about it as well. But I was just wondering about it and thought i'd ask someone who knew.

Since i've started reading about all of this it's made me be "not afraid" anymore. In learning about what's out there for us on the other side, it has given me such hope. To be terrified of death as a child and young adult was hard to deal with but as i've learned about this it gives me a feeling that in my mind says " I can't wait to enjoy what comes next."

I'm glad my mom talked about you in our conversation today. If you're willing to write things that can teach us more, i'm willing to listen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Crystal. Yes, I think the things you hear in a psychic reading are fluid and you definitely have free will over them. I went into more detail for your answer in another blog entry.

Crystal said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts..;)