Sunday, February 17, 2008

In Answer to Crystal's Question

Crystal, a reader, asked a question in one of the comments to my entry of, "Becoming Psychic". My answer got too long so I figured I'd just post it here:

Here's a part of her question: Because of our free will, when you do talk with a psychic, can't the time line be changed on any event that hasn't happened? Does that make any sense? Say you'll meet whoever in one year. Or you'll move in 2 months.(This from a psychic.) Can't our free will affect that? I do believe in the psychic ability and I love to read about it as well. But I was just wondering about it and thought i'd ask someone who knew.

Hi Crystal. Thanks for asking. In answer to your question about times offered up during psychic readings, I think time would be a fluid sort of thing. It might happen that in the two months given to meet someone the meeting was actually in line at a grocery store, just a brief and passing thing, and the real meeting is going to be six months down the road. You didn’t notice the first one, but when the second one comes you definitely notice it.

Also, the idea of moving to a different place. So, physically moving satisfies something for you. So, might moving something deep within your heart. It's like you could really be happy anywhere. You're not there now, but imagine if you could be happy living in a dump or you could be happy living in a cute little cottage. It's your choice. If the psychic sees you moving in two months maybe what they are seeing is you finally moving through some psychological crap to a place where you are not unhappy anymore living in your little dump. What before irritated the crap out of you. You hated the drapes. You hated the paint on the walls. You hated the neighbors. You hated everything about the place. Now? You're in a better place in your head and heart where the same crappy little dump doesn't look so bad anymore. Now you like it. You didn't move physically. You moved in your head and heart. Saves on first and last.

I believe what a psychic sees in the future would be possible events. Of the one seen there could be six others that might, instead, come to pass. Each one of those six different possible events could be the one you need to satisfy the lesson being learned. And, your free will always overrides everything said.

Also, it might happen that for whatever reason you are meeting this person in two months maybe you have satisfied the requirements to meet that person already. Maybe you did the lesson that person is there to teach you and there is no need anymore for you to meet. That’s a possibility too.

Think of it this way. Here you are newly born into the world. You’ve come armed with a list of things to do during that lifetime. You decided to do these things when you were disincarnate and in Heaven. You had the help of guides and spiritual leaders to assist you. It was a sort of a committee action with you at the helm. So, here you are in human body now with a plan.

Except, you’re also enjoying being human. Being human brings free will. And, you can say no if you want to. Saying no to one or any of the things on your list is not going to disqualify you from the race. It merely moves the item onto the next list for the next lifetime. It might also be harder to accomplish during that lifetime.

So, here you’ve got “A” to do. There isn’t just one way to do, “A”. There could be 16 different ways to do, “A”. You could do, "A" slowly, nibbling away at it over the course of 10 years. Or, you could do, “A” fast. You could do a little bit of, “A” and have the rest of it hanging over for next lifetime.

But, somewhere along the line you’re going to do, “A”. And, many times one lifetime just isn’t long enough to learn about those things on our list. Maybe the idea is to learn about compassion. To fully explore the subject of compassion you really need to learn about it from both the receiver’s end and the giver’s end. Do one in one lifetime and the other in another, maybe. It’s just too big a subject.

And, I also believe that when you get into the mode of higher self, that higher self seems to think the most unimportant to us details are really important. I think our higher selves like to look at everything. Everything is important. I think. It’s like slapping paint onto a canvas and calling it a picture or spending six months painting that picture, waiting for the light, drawing preliminary drawings, really getting into the picture.

Also, I think what happens during a psychic reading when they tell you that something is going to happen within a certain timeframe, just knowing about it alters it. It’s like the idea that the experimenter changes the experiment by having expectations of the outcome. Anyway, suddenly you’re so on edge waiting for something to happen that you affect it and it doesn’t happen. Somehow. These are all conjectures on my part. I don’t know for sure. I’m just guessing. But, I can remember getting the psychic readings and wondering why things didn’t happen.

The best way to move through all of this? I think trying to figure out what your higher self has in mind for things to do this lifetime might be of interest. And, how to do that?

One step? Deal with your psychological issues. Just deal with them. If you’re stuck somewhere get some help. Don’t let the issues last for years. The better the place you are in psychologically the quicker and more effectively you’re going to be able to address your list of things to do this lifetime. And, I believe your quality of life is going to improve dramatically. It doesn’t take a whole lot of time and effort to enjoy a boat load of rewards with this step.

Another step? Don’t be afraid. Fear steps in and halts progress towards all sorts of goals.

So, the long way around to answer part of your question about times given in psychic readings. Yes, you have free will and can affect them.


Crystal said...

Thank you for clarifying these things for me. I totally agree with the things you have said. I've always felt that free will could change our own time line of events.

I've had one reading from a psychic in my life time. I can't even really explain the why of it. Why I wanted the reading. I've always felt that in my heart, I wasn't ever suppose to know the things in my future. I guess the why of it was because at the time that I started to learn about the true meaning of what a psychic was and about spirituality in general, I was at a place in my life that i NEEDED to believe that I didn't come to this earth just to suffer my whole life. That there was suppose to be joy in my life too.

I came out of a 11 year relationship with a man that couldn't except me on the emotional level that is a part of who I am and I ended up hurting who I really was by trying to change my true nature. 2 different people and all of that..

Also, growing up in the church, I was terrified of death and what death meant. I'm a simple person with a simple mind most days. When I went to church all I could pick up from it was that I would burn in hell forever. No matter if I was a bad person or a good one. The burning part just stuck with me.

Because of that one part sticking in my head, it always frightened me. And because of all of that and the relationship I was in, I believed that it was something that I deserved. I must have done, said or thought something truely bad to get what I was going through and that God was punishing me for it.

Throughout my marraige there were SO many times I wanted to leave. But, in the back of my mind i'm thinking that this was more of a punishment and that I would stay and deal with it to make up for whatever I did in my past.

My mom had been learning what all of it was about around the end of my marraige and introduced me to this saving grace of knowledge concerning spirituality.

At first, I rejected it like so many others until one night I was sitting there alone thinking about it all. I had a feeling of hope come over me in which terrified and thrilled me all at once about the possibilities of what I was taught my whole life not beening totally correct.

Hope and belief in something can be a most wondorous or frightful thing. I had to try and find out more about the reason of it all. Why am I here, what is my purpose in this life, will I ever find someone I can cherish and it will be returned?....

My mother has done her job of being a mother to me so many times and has always been so loving. I'm afraid to see what I would have become without her in it. She has taught me so many wonderful things about spirituality and the other side. I no longer am frightened of death or that God is punishing me for anything.

I had always wondered as a little girl, Why would God burn apart of himself if we're to burn in hell if we sin? It never made any sense my whole life.

My mother helped me get the knowledge I needed to pull me through to a happier plain of existanse. She gave me the tools to learn what I needed to, of coarse, it'll take my whole life to learn it all and even after that but at least I have the hope and a more healthy and happy belief for the future and how I fit into the bigger picture of things.

"Also, I think what happens during a psychic reading when they tell you that something is going to happen within a certain timeframe, just knowing about it alters it."

I totally agree with this and I believe that we do do this when we get information concerning the future. One psychic told my mom that I would meet someone Aug-Sept of last year and then when I got my reading a while later he said it would be Aug-Sept of this year. So yes, I do believe we can change things. It's funny though, when asked what the name of this mystery man, they BOTH said his name was David.

What gets me sometimes is that because knowing all of this, I short change myself in meeting other guys out there. Of coarse, there's not a lot of men knocking down my door but because I have recieved a name not once but twice, confirming this David guy, I tend not to look in any other direction.

As for the moving thing..that just makes PERFECT sense! THANK YOU for looking at it in a way that gives us as the ones getting these readings a different angle to think apon. Between you and my mom i'm going to be learning and growing and i'm going to cherish every minute of it!! THANK YOU for answering my questions. I hope to talk with you more in the future. Enjoy your Sunday;o)

Ken Albin said...

There are many possible futures and outcomes to events. Those possible futures can sometimes be glimpsed but never possessed. Yes, free will will drive the soul.