Sunday, February 10, 2008

Into Great Silence

“Into Great Silence” is a movie about a group of Carthusian monks in the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse in the French Alps. This monastery is considered to be one of the most ascetic in the world. There is very little talking. Mostly, it is the monks praying in Latin. There are very few subtitles. They are not needed as no one is talking much.. It is as if they don’t know we are there to see them at the work they do. Simple. Silent. Very moving.

It’s what a monk does. He prays. All day long. But, also the chopping of wood. The sewing of robes. The growing of vegetables.

..One of my favorite scenes was one of the monks visiting with the cats in the barn. He sang to them, he played with them. There were times when they had free time together and I was astounded to hear them talking and laughing after having had so much silence with the rest of the movie. They even went sliding down a hill side in the snow.

The monks range in age from young men, to middle aged men, to very old men. It almost brought me to tears to see the love and care they give to each other.

But, mostly it was the silence. It was interesting to me that I fidgeted about in the beginning just as I had when I first learned to meditate and everything seemed to itch at once. But, as with my practice of meditation the figeting I experienced eased. Shortly, I settled into the silence as well. Their way of life opened to me and I was able to experience the silence of God with them in a small way. It took me 3 days to see the entire movie. It is four hours long. I’m glad I spent the time.

I watched it as a streaming download from Netflix. The DVD has additional information about the making of the film.


Anji said...

Strange I haven't seen this advertised in France at all. I'll look out for it now.

Crystal said...

I'm still working on my meditation skills. I'm still at the fidgeting stages. My mom has given me a CD to listen to and I make it about 5 minutes into the CD and I'm out like a light. I'm listening to it after i've put the kids to bed.

Am I suppose to stay awake and listen or is that the affect it's suppose to have?

Lady Skye Fyre said...

Hi Crystal. My husband refers to my meditations as power naps. I think they change over time. It's a strange place to be, a different sort of reality when you meditate. And, I think we grow accustomed to it gradually.

Don't try to force yourself to hours and hours of it. You'll blow your mind. If you want heavy duty meditation get a meditation teacher to help you. You'll be dredging up all sorts of psychological crap to deal with in any case.

For me the meditations changed over the years. In the beginning I would drift off and all these psychic things started happening to me. I don't know if that would happen with other people. But, it did with me. I think I had to use the vehicle of meditation to move into channeling.

In any case, enjoy your nap!