Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Knot In Her Stomach

This is a question that came to me via email today:

I was wondering if you could help me to understand this feeling that I get when something bad is going to happen. I get this sharp pain in my stomach that gets worse as it gets closer to what is going to happen. The problem is that I never know who,where,when,or how. I just get this general feeling like there is going to be a car accident. However, I noticed that when I was little they were more detailed but over the years with everyone telling me that I am crazy or that I am lying I have seemed to lose that strong feeling. So my question for you is what is that feeling and what can I do to be able to understand it better to help the people around me? I do know that this is a good thing and I am not afraid of it any more. And I do know that it s real and I am not crazy!!!! If there is anything that you can do to help I would greatly appreciate it.

My answer:

As people get older they also mature. As you have matured it isn't so much getting used to people calling you a liar or calling you crazy that has eased the stomach pains, but you maturing and not being afraid of every little thing.

Understand that you cannot stop all bad things from happening. That's life. So, why are you being warned of them? Maybe the end result is not that you be a harbinger of doom but more that you are a sensitive open to information from other sources.

When I first began to do past life regressions the predominant things I kept seeing was me dying. I asked the guides why this was. I was getting tired of seeing myself dangling from a hang man's noose or blown up on a battle field. They told me there is a great deal of energy associated with death bed events. They said for me to remember that people have happy moments in their lives too and the next time I go into a past life regression I should bear that in mind and ask to see a happier moment from one of my other lifetimes.

It worked.

So, what you've been picking up on are the events that have a lot of negative energy associated with them.

What you can do is to become more sensitive. The best way to do this is to heal yourself emotionally and psychologically. I'm not saying you are crazy. I'm saying everybody the world over can pay attention to their own spiritual and psychological growth. We've all got neuroses that we learn to cope with and move with through our lifetimes. Everybody knows not to ask Marsha to a big party because she just doesn't like crowds. Well, guess what? Marsha can use with some psychological work to figure that one out. Or, just not go to big parties for the rest of her life.

You as a sensitive are being hit with more than the normal person.

What can you do with this talent? Well, if you ease up on the horrible things happening and become more open to what's going on in a person's life I think you'd make a terrific psychic reader. But, you'd need to stop being afraid. When you are no longer afraid you are going to be able to be open to other significant events in people's lives than just the huge roller coaster things that really don't matter anyway. Like the guides told me once if you're supposed to be in the middle of an earthquake your higher self will arrange that you be there. These are your lessons and you can't take them away.

Actually, I think that is terrific to have a signal from your body about these events. Not being afraid is going to ease that pain to a clenching that will as the years go by just be a really dandy signal for you to use to know that you are correct about something going on. Try taking it to Las Vegas and see if it works there too!

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