Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Another one of those Nights

Another one of those nights where I awakened at 12:30 am and lay in bed for an hour unable to get back to sleep. That’s my limit and when I get up. It’s 2:30 now and I’ve finished the book review I want to use in the January newsletter for, “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer. I haven’t actually read the entire thing, but enough of it to piss me off more times than not. It was such an odd thing that I’ve had to revisit my being pissed to discover, “What’s up with that?” Generally, our best teachers are the ones who irritate us the most.

So, instead of just discounting the book out of hand I will still recommend it as a good read.

Intention. I have to admit that intention for me has always been hard work coupled with determination. Just hammer away at whatever it is until you get it done. Dr. Dyer is suggesting we look at intention as if it were a source of energy that we are already a part of. I had wondered when things would almost “magically” happen to me, when people would show up just when I needed them, when books would fall off of shelves at my feet in libraries. Now, I’m thinking these isolated occurrences might have been part of the intention he speaks of.

The one thing, though, that has me puzzled is how he speaks of ego. I’ve heard others speak this way too. Get rid of ego and all will go smoothly with your quest toward oneness with Spirit.

One of the things I’m concerned with personally is how to live in the world, concerned with business and commerce, with paying bills and being materialistic, living and working with people who, at times, piss me off and on the other hand being spiritual. Sometimes I think, “A really spiritual person would not have said that, or acted that way, or felt like I do.”

Well, all I can do is to keep trying. I suppose that’s all anybody can do.

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