Sunday, December 18, 2005


Oh, happy accident. I hope. My eyes just aren’t what they used to be. I’m making brownies. I made them a few days ago for my husband to take a batch to work for a holiday party. Fine. Yesterday, I went shopping and got four boxes to make up a bunch to take to my own work. There are 6 stations I need to divvy up the goodies for, so the brownies are only a part of what I’m going to be baking.

Well….just now I went to mix up a batch. It called for 3 eggs. I look at the back of the box and think to myself, “I swear I didn’t put that many eggs into the batch of brownies I made for Dennis. I thought this was the same line of brownies. Maybe because these have walnuts in them they’ve got different preparation directions.” I peer at the directions some more. 3 eggs. That’s what it says. Okay.

So I mixed up the brownies. And, they’re real loose. Too loose. This is soupier than I’ve ever seen any brownies be. I peer some more at the directions. Now, it says 2 eggs. Oh, shoot. So, I start tossing in handfuls of flour to eat up the extra egg. Three handfuls later and we’re waiting for the oven to go up to 350°. I’ll post later to say if this batch is going to stay in the Evanosky’s house or if they can go out as gifts.

Posted later on: Well, they're okay. They're not spectacular. They'd go okay with a cup of coffee or tea because they're sort of on the dry side. More like cake. So, we're keeping them. That's the second batch that's staying in the house. Good thing I bought two boxes of candy. At the rate I'm going now, I'm going to need some more boxes of candy.

Posted still later on: Hey, it all worked out. There were enough made of the bars between all the brownies and the chocolate chip bars and even most of the batch I thought was a gonner. They tasted fine after they'd had the chance to mellow out a bit. So, tomorrow I'll take in 6 holiday bags of brownies and bars for the guys at work. It's been years since I did anything like that.

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